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HHF 2 | Uplift Your Soul

The world could definitely use some good news.  Let’s face it, 2020 has been a hot mess, and it seems we’ve had more trials and tribulations this year than any other year combined. To be happy and to have that joyful playful spirit can be so difficult to do. One such creative who’s trying to spread joy, abundance, and playfulness through her art is Loveleen Saxeena. Loveleen is an artist, entrepreneur, and self-love advocate who creates bohemian art and lifestyle pieces to celebrate your Essence and your Divine Truth. Loveleen’s creations are proof that art and lifestyle can uplift your soul. She joins Dorci Hill on today’s show to share what’s she’s working on these days and how being creative reconnected her to her truth and taught her what school could not or did not.

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Art & Lifestyle To Uplift Your Soul With Loveleen Saxeena

Our guest is a sister from another mister because we feel the exact same way about creativity and play. Creativity is her meditation, her channel of divine expression, her connection to pure joy, love and beauty, and her way of rediscovering her own essence and divine truth. Making art is her way of nudging humans to embody their unique and beautiful essence to help them find their way back home. She’s passionate, spiritual, joyful, and spunky fine. My guest is designer and artist, Loveleen. Welcome.  

Dorci, it’s nice to be here. I’m excited.

I’m excited too. Every time we’ve had a chance to chat, it’s always so uplifting and fun. My smile is all over my face. My cheeks hurt. It’s nice to know that you’re in the presence of someone that’s living their purpose, walking their talk, and doing what they’re meant to do, full of joy.

I can say the same. I am smiling since you started chatting and I love the little intro that you do.

I’m super excited for you to be back with me because I’m relaunching my show, and you’re my first official relaunch episode. I decided that near enough, joy, happiness and healthy fun these days, and definitely the world needs some good news. There’s going to be a lot of fun with Loveleen, and there’s some good news stories that I’m going to share with you from my neighborhood around the US and around the globe after Loveleen and I chat. Let’s face it, the world could use some good news all the time because of all the things that we normally have in our world. 2020 has been a hot Houston mess, as I like to say because we’re both in Houston.

It keeps getting better.

The awesome thing is we’re in September 2020 and it leads us right into my favorite time of the year, which I’ve changed. It’s September huddle Thanksmas because when September hits, sometimes it’s slow. Sometimes it’s fast, then all of a sudden it never fails. When October hits, it’s like October then January.

I can’t wait for some cold weather here and some nice breeze.

I was born and raised here. I’m telling you, the heat gets to me. It gives me all the feels in not the right way, not the good way. I’m ready for that. That first little hint of fall, that first little crisp air that comes through, that is heaven. Before we get into some fun facts about Loveleen, I’m dying to know, because you’re a designer and you have the most unbelievably beautiful designs. They’re all hand created. You don’t ship them out to someone else. They are yours out of your beautiful brain. Why did you start vining? Are you still doing those kinds of things now? Are you adding to your creations?

Since we were talking about fall, fall time is the crisper. It always inspires me to create more scarf because you want to wrap in it, take a stroll and have your coffee with a beautiful scarf around you. That’s what I’m working on these days.

I have coffee with me. I notice I’m not typically much of a scarf person. It seemed all of a sudden, I’ve become more of a light wrap, something pretty or something fun, just for that little bit of cover instead of a big heavy.

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That’s the ones that I have there. They’re light and airy. You can wear them pretty much throughout the year. In different ways, you can wear them. If I feel cold, I will be putting my jacket on probably in a month. During winters, I’ll wrap it around my neck. During summers, I’ll let it fall, drape around the shoulders, just the softness of the fabric. It reminds me when I’m sitting in the morning on my patio and having my coffee. It makes you feel at home somehow. That’s what I’m excited about creating. Every piece I create has an intention and essence. Right now, I’m working on joy, abundance and playfulness. Those are the three kinds of scarves and goodies that I’m creating for fall and winter.

Joy, abundance and playfulness, I love that. You’re speaking my language. That’s all I talk about. In a realistic way, I know we all have ups and downs, trials and tribulations. 2020 has been my everything, all in one. I’m not saying I’m delusional when I talk about play, joy or being happy. It’s simply a way of being able to get back to almost a touchstone of our divine right to be happy, and to have that joyful playful spirit as you see when you watch animals or children play. We forget that, especially as we get older and we’re adulting. All the things that are going on in the world is heavy and it’s a lot. We need this more now than ever. What better way than a beautiful scarf or a shawl. The thing I love about your stuff is when you put it on as a woman or a little girl or whatever, you always wanted wings. You put your shawls or scarfs on, because some of them are big that you can wrap around. I watched some of your stuff and I’m like, “I could see myself putting this on and flying.”

That’s what I do. I feel that when I’m wearing them and a lot of my customers, you return to that inner child side of yours. You’ll be twirling or spreading your wings and dancing with the wind. It’s beautiful. It takes you back.

It’s a simple thing. It’s not super difficult. You put on a beautiful scarf. The colors and the designs make you feel happy anyway. You get outside and most of us ladies, and there are some men too that are putting on something blousey or flowy. You twirl around and it twirls out. Apparently, I need some twirl in my life. We went down a twirling rabbit hole. I don’t know where that came from. That’s okay. It’s something that you made a comment about when we’ve chatted before. I want to know where this came from. You said that this was the cutest thing. It’s strolling through downtown Houston one hot and humid afternoon. When I heard you say that I was thinking, “Isn’t every afternoon in Houston hot and humid?” A little voice inside you said, “Loveleen, bring a journal and a pen next time.” You obliged, and you had no idea that the simple little shift, a pen and a journal would completely turn your life upside down in some extraordinary ways. How did that little pen and that little journal completely shift your world?

This was in 2013 and I was working in corporate. I was going through those questions in my head about, what is my purpose in life? What am I here to do? All the big questions that all of us have at some point in our lives. Some answers you don’t get like that. It’s not like you can pick up a book and get the answer. It was more. I used to take long walks during the day and asking those questions. It’s getting my mind to quiet and to find something more to life than what I’m doing right now. When I started taking the pen and paper, I started doodling. I used to love doing that when I was a kid. I’ve been a doodler my whole life and I’ve been making art, but I stopped doing that when I started studying and all those other things in life that happened.

I picked up the pen and paper and I started doodling on my bus ride. I used to take a bus from KT to downtown. I would draw at 6:00 in the morning. I would make some doodles at the bus and before I take a nap. During lunch break, I would carry my pen and paper. I would walk and sit under a tree and doodle. I still remember that so clearly. All of the answers to my questions was through the process of doodling. It slowly started uncovering. The layers started peeling and the answers to all my questions would come through the doodles. Sometimes I would look at these doodles, which started becoming more and more intricate and I’m like, “Where is this coming from? Did I do this?” That’s what I would look at and see.

Through those doodles, it was like the universe was talking to me, “You need to let go. You need to reach out for the sky or spread your wings.” All these messages were coming through these doodles. Some of it was more like clearing all the things that don’t belong, and some of these were little things that I need to do. It was like, “Wow.” It was a shift I don’t think I can describe in words. I started taking those small steps. One day I’m like, “I’m going to sell these doodles.” I started selling them. Before that, my husband and I, after a few months of that, decided to quit our jobs and go backpacking for ten months. That was the big shift like, “We have one life. We don’t have kids. Let’s travel the world for a few months.”

It’s like your soul is nudging you and you need to quiet your mind to be able to listen. For me, doodling was a way of quieting in my mind. In a nutshell, that’s what was happening and still it does. Sometimes I’ve walked through nature and the answers come. Sometimes it’s sitting down and making the doodles because it’s a spontaneous process for me. I don’t plan what is going to be coming out on paper. I don’t decide, “I’m going to make it on this theme.” I have to sit and let my intuition tell me, “Draw this dot.” Things start taking shape one after another. That’s what happened.

That’s the wonderful thing about when you are listening, tuned in and tapped into our divine nature and that source. Whatever you believe, God, Allah, the universe, whatever you want to call your higher being, power, whatever. When you’re tapped into that, it’s amazing when you listen and you ask a question, “What am I meant to do, receive or be now in this moment?” All we have is the present, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not even here yet. There’s no point in worrying or adding any stress frustration to tomorrow because it’s not even here. There’s nothing you can do about it yet. When you get into that and listen, the problems you thought you had, all of a sudden, the solution is there.

If it’s an energy loop that’s been running and running in the back of your mind about whatever, you can clear that out. Especially when you have questions, “Do I do this? Do I do that? Which way should I go? Should I stay in this job? Should I start this new business? Should I stay with this person I’m with? Should I go ahead?” I love the term uncouple because sometimes things come to an end. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. It’s just one thing ends to allow for something else even better for you and everyone else involved to come. Let’s face it, journaling, doodling, anything like that is a direct conduit to tapping into your specific messages and guidance if you have the faith to listen and do it. That’s what I love about when you said you and your husband took that leap of faith. You quit your jobs and traveled. You backpacked in ten countries in seven months. I was like, “That’s a leap of faith.”

Not only is that a huge leap of faith, but for most people, it’s fear of everyday situations like, “I have to create a landing page,” and you’re completely scared to death of the landing page or, “I’ve got to do this ad and put an ad on Facebook. I’ve got to do a video to promote whatever on Facebook.” That is overwhelming fear for most people, much less quitting your job and traveling the world for seven months. How did you guys overcome the fear? It’s an unknown. You have no idea what you’re going to encounter or how you’re going to make this.

HHF 2 | Uplift Your Soul
Uplift Your Soul: Simple is best when it comes to happiness.

It’s a slow process for us. My soul was like, “Let’s do this. Let’s go.” We were talking about it. We made a list of all the countries that we will go to. It was more getting back into your childlike wonder, curiosity, fun and adventure. That’s what we kept focusing on throughout the time, throughout deciding to buy the ticket. It was like, “It will be so cool.” We would look at the blogs and the pictures. Instead of focusing on, “How are we going to pay the mortgage? Can we do it? How can we finance the thing?” We focused on, “What an adventure of a lifetime it would be? How many cultures we would experience and the beautiful wonders of the world that we will be able to see.” One was we were able to focus on the adventure and what all beautiful things we would be able to experience.

Not to deny that the finance was a big part. It’s seven months and we just bought a house. We’re like, “Let’s see what actions do we need to take?” We both are budget conscious. We looked at our numbers I made a huge spreadsheet of, “This is what our budget is going to be per day.” We didn’t ignore the reality part of it. We put up our home for rent and we got somebody rent it within a couple of weeks. Everything flowed because we were in alignment with what our soul was telling us to do. It was scary, but things were happening. We got amazing deals and perfect accommodations. We kept focusing on the fun and adventure part. That was a big thing and the daily budget helped.

It also gives you that grander picture and vision that we can actually do this, and we can live with a lot less than what we think we have to have. To be honest, it’s not the things in our life that make us happy. It’s the moments, it’s the people, because in all actuality, every single person can create money doing something. There was a case in point, I saw somebody posted a picture from Etsy site. There was a girl on Etsy. She got a cheese grater. It almost looks like a cow bell because it has a handle on top and it has the side. It’s one of the more old-fashioned looking cheese graters. She painted it blue, she put little flowers around the top and wrapped the handle in maybe some twine or something like that. She hung earrings on it and used it as an earring holder and was selling those on Etsy. I’m like, “This girl’s got game.”

What is our excuse for not getting out and living life? One of the things I was writing down because I love when I talk to people, I always make notes about things. It sparks my creative mind for other things, maybe blogs or another conversation. The thing that most people forget about as we get older is we get into a continual loop of fear instead of looking at every situation through curiosity. I’m telling you I am such a prime example. There are new things I’m putting out. I’m about to launch a new membership, a monthly membership and some other online courses. You get involved in all this and there’s so much tech. You’ve got to do landing pages, then there’s the membership back end. You’ve got to do ads. It’s all this techie stuff. I would literally sit down at the computer and I would be like, “This is so difficult. I can’t do this. It’s driving me crazy.” I would fight it and it would fight me and it would give me problems.

One day I sat down and literally changed my thought, changed my words. I said, “These landing pages are easy and fun for me to create. This whatever comes together easily.” I changed my wording. I was cranking out stuff. I’ve got this beautiful sales page. It seems simple. I know a lot of people would say, “That’s ridiculous.” It’s that simple and powerful just changing your thoughts and your words. I want to jump into a bit of fun facts about the both of us. I say this word in jest. We’re not annoying, although we are annoyingly optimistic and woo-woo. I’m so okay with the both of that. The annoyingly optimistic part and the overly woo-woo part. I know for some people that might be annoying but I think it’s a better place to be, don’t you?

Absolutely, glass half-full always.

Even with the glass half-empty thing or the pessimistic, I’ve noticed that when you’re in alignment, you repel that thing. If I start to hear that talk like something so simple as hearing someone talk in a pessimistic manner, it’s almost the spiritual hand goes up like, “Nope. Talk to the hand.”

It’s like you’re in this bubble and nothing like that.

Something I do want to talk to you about is you hear this a lot from the super successful one percenters of marketers and motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and John Lee Dumas, all these big folks, and I think Brené Brown even has a specific ritual. They have these morning rituals that they get into that they say help them start the day. They definitely help center your mind and prepare your progress for the day before the world rushes in. I think if you still do, correct me if I’m wrong, you have a morning ritual. Is it Doga doodles?

Morning ritual, yes. Let me tell you about Doga doodles first. Doga is my brother’s Boston Terrier. We kept him for six months. My brother and sister-in-law got him in 2013. It was a year of transformation for me. He kept him for a few months and he was a puppy. It’s my first time having a fur baby in my life. He would sleep with us and wake me up at 4:00 in the morning. I was like, “Wow.” In the first few days, I was like, “What the hell? Please let me sleep.” He has to do his thing and he would get excited, play whatever. I said, “Let me use this time. Why not?” What I started doing was he would do his thing, come back and take a nap and I would be wide awake. I started meditating for a few minutes in the morning. I started reading some good books, journaling and even doodling. Before I got up to make coffee and get ready for my job, I use the time instead of trying to fall asleep again. I said, “Let me make use of this time.”

Doga was the one who inspired me or kicked me to get up and start using my mornings more efficient and in a nice way. Doga doodles was the doodle inspired by Doga. I would make these little doodles in the first couple of months. My morning since then have been more time to enjoy the quiet and meditate and set my day right. There are a few things that I do. I do yoga, exercise and journal or read some good books, even if it’s a few paragraphs, and make art. Before you even pick up your phone and check your emails and what’s on the agenda, I clear my mind that this is going to be a beautiful day and this what my intention of the day is. That completely shifts the way. I know whenever I don’t do that, how my mornings and the whole day goes. I’m running all around and like, “I need to do this. I need to do that.” The mornings are everybody is sleeping. It’s such a beautiful time to take time for yourself, even if it’s 30 minutes or an hour.

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That’s something I do want to make sure everyone reading knows. It’s not something that you have to be. There have been some people that are seen as big-time influencers in the world. They’ll tell you all that you have to get up at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. You don’t have to specifically get up super-duper early. I know plenty of people that do not start their day until between 8:00 to 10:00. They may get up at 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning. That’s when they start their ritual. They still have a ritual that they do, it’s just not at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. It’s one of those things that people forget. Whatever you put in your mind is what it works on.

It is super powerful. I was telling somebody this the other day. I talk about exercising your manifestation muscle. Manifestation is a muscle like any other muscle. You have to have action. You can’t sit here and get into a nice little yoga pose and start “uhm” and think of something and poof, it happens. You can on some things, however, the universe says, “Great, Dorci wants X, Y, Z, and look, she’s in action today. We’re going to start bringing those things to her because she’s in action.” I set my morning where I put things in my mind that it’s only going to work on. I was telling someone, “Here’s the thing,” say for example, at one time I was thinking, “A Tesla would be a cool car to have. They’re so cool looking and all the little features and all this stuff,” all the things. No one I knew at the time had a Tesla. All of a sudden, I’m driving around and I start seeing Tesla. It happens all the time.

If you think for one moment that you cannot create no matter what it is you want in your life, more joy, more happiness, more play, a new life, a new job, a new relationship, if the one you’re in is not happy, if it’s not enriching you. You are so wrong if you think you cannot do it because you literally will think about something. I even had a girl and this thrilled me to death. I told her, “Think of something that you have absolute zero attachment to.” That’s when you’ll manifest it quicker because you’re not all wrapped up in how and when is it going to show up and, “It’s going to be this? I wanted this and I don’t know what’s that.” When you start trying to put structure on your manifestation, it totally ruins it. I said, “Write down a couple of things that you have zero attachment to. You could care less if they happen. I told her to do three. One of them was purple ladybugs. The next day, it was less than 24 hours later, she is hitting me up in my Messenger. She shows me a picture that somebody had posted or shared on her timeline. Do you want to know what that picture was?

Don’t tell me it was a purple ladybug.

Thank you for playing, you won. Someone said, “Do these exist?” Somebody said they are from I don’t know if it was Africa or Asia, wherever it was. It was a picture of purple ladybugs. I said, “See, that is how powerful our minds are.” Speaking of that, it’s a conversation and that’s a deep conversation that you’re having with yourself, with the divine, with source, whatever you want to call it. I often tell people that I can open my refrigerator, have a conversation and come away with content. That’s no lie. I know you have deep conversations too. I don’t know if your cucumbers are chatting with you the way that mine do. I’m not sure. I cannot speak to what your vegetables may tell you compared to mine. With what or with who do you have these deep riveting conversations?

My vegetables for sure, the bamboo plant and the trees in our backyard. We enjoy it and we have good conversations a lot. They’re good listeners. I’m also fortunate that my husband, we have a different conversation because he’s scientific-minded and I’m completely woo-woo. We always have an interesting conversation about spirituality, philosophy and the power of the mind, for example. It’s always fun. He would bring in some new ways of looking at things or he would ask me questions. I’m like, “I don’t know how backwards so let me think about it or let me study that.” That’s such an important thing to have a tribe of souls that you can connect with who not just understand you, but also elevate you, inspire you, and help you grow. That’s the one who you want to stick around and have a lot around your life. That’s what will keep you on track with your purpose because you’re seeing that, “I’m not the only one going through these challenges, plus I have such an amazing support group.” I’m fortunate with the group that I have. You can have that conversation without feeling the pressure of judgment or criticism. It’s open-hearted and a heart-to-heart conversation.

The thing I’ve told people before and I wholeheartedly believe this is you don’t tell big ideas to small minds. If someone has never done something towards a dream, no matter what it is, especially if they’re a friend or family, they are going to try and protect you because they love you and they care about you. If they’ve never stepped out ever in faith or even in fear and stepped out with overwhelm and did it because they had that urge or that nudging that you have and that I get, it’s one of those things you don’t do. You don’t tell big ideas to small minds. Would you agree?

You have to be selective because it’s like you take a seed and you put it when a big storm is happening. The seed needs the strength. It needs nourishment and nurturing. You are the one who can give that the most of your idea or thing that you want to do. Be conscious about who you are sharing your ideas and dreams with when you’re gaining that strength to be able to do that and take it out in the world.

As women, and you said it perfectly about having especially your tribe of people that are also wanting to expand themselves, whether it’s spiritually, physically, emotionally, whatever, jump out in the world in a bigger way, no matter what it is. They’re also taking these leaps because women especially, we feel we have to be perfect in all the things, perfect wives and moms, friends, the perfect business owner. You’re running the perfect six-figure, seven-figure business. That illusion of perfection is not only daunting, it’s unrealistic. We’ve had this conversation before, I want to talk about this briefly. You talk about how being creative reconnected you to your truth and taught you what school could not or did not. What did you mean by that?

When I was a kid, I used to make art. I’ve used to take pictures and copy them, and I would sketch. The child in me wanted to make it perfect so people could tell me how good it is. Instead of having actually enjoying what I was doing, I would try to make it beautiful and have the right stroke. When I started doodling a few years back, it was just for myself. Whenever I used to draw something, it would come out and even if I mess up the lines or if I’m trying to make a circle and it becomes an oval, I would not be like, “I messed it up.” I was like, “That’s a happy accident. Let’s see what this shape would become.” You let go. Creativity gave me the self-confidence that it’s okay to make mistakes because there are no mistakes in life. There’s just room for growth and there are opportunities. They can be waiting to be revealed and tapped into.

In schools, which you have the best interest in mind for kids, you’re always told to be competitive or get ahead, and creativity is not nurtured that much in the way that helped us in the future. We are told to be best at making art so that you can win a competition or so that you can become famous or whatever. For me, in schools, it was the focus on let’s explore what your true gift is here. Why don’t you make something because you want to make something? Why does it always have to be an end result or a goal in mind? I don’t think we are in school to be taught to nurture that as much. It might be changing even. I’ve been to school and it wasn’t the case. That’s what I learned by doodling or creating and using spontaneous expression to create on my own that there are no mistakes. There’s no need to be perfect because we are human. We are perfect in the divine way because we are a part of the universe. It’s amazing.

HHF 2 | Uplift Your Soul
Uplift Your Soul: Simple things can help you return to that inner child of yours, things like a scarf or shawl that makes you want to spread your wings and dance with the wind.

I appreciate you saying that. I believe it 100% as well as about the no mistakes. We are not a mistake. Therefore, nothing we do is a mistake. It drives me crazy when you hear people say or talk especially if you’re going for an interview of whatever sort or you’re applying for whatever. One of the questions that drives me crazy is, what are your failures or what do you see as your weaknesses? That always drives me nuts because I’m thinking, it’s not that we have weaknesses. There are things that I do better in some areas and if I’m not all that great in this area, it’s most likely because it’s not part of my divine structure. I’m not supposed to spend time in that or dwell on that because we all come with, I do believe our own purpose, plan, and almost contract when we come here of what we are supposed to be putting out into the world that we agree that we would do while we’re here.

There are no mistakes. Every single thing that we’ve done leads us to where we are. I have taken to heart something that Tony Robbins said at one point. He made a comment and said, “If you’re going to blame someone for the bad, you also have to blame them for the good.” That is so powerful. We get stuck in all the things and the stuff that’s going on in our lives and in the world. We get on this hamster wheel or treadmill of blaming the world, our family, other people instead of going, “This happened and it wasn’t exactly how I thought it was going to be.” However, if you start looking and connecting the dots, that thing that I thought, changing your language was a mistake because it’s not a mistake, actually it was a stepping stone to getting me where I am now, which is perfect.

Sometimes the universe has bigger and better plans for us. We have to go back to listening to your soul, these little obstacles could be because there’s something even better waiting for you. This is a training ground for you to be able to embrace and get to that. It’s preparing you for the marathon.

Tell me one last fun fact about Loveleen that people may not realize by looking at you. We already know once they see you and they start following you and get to your website, you are a lot of fun, you’re colorful. That goes without saying, what would we not realize, Loveleen?

One thing which stuck with me for years is that I have a strong willpower. When you see me, I would say I’m mellow and calm, but if I put my heart and mind into something, I would not stop. You won’t see it from the way I come across on my social media or my posts, but that’s one thing. I don’t know if it’s a fun fact. My husband says I’m stubborn, but I don’t think that’s the case.

Most of our husbands would say that we’re stubborn. That’s a husband thing, it’s what that is. Before I knew you, you’re a tiny little thing. You’re petite and you are quiet when you’re in a group. I think you’re quiet until you get to know people. You’re surveying what’s going on. You’re cognizant of the energy in the room and of people. I could see how people would think, “She’s timid. She’s shy.” Yet underneath that, I can see that there’s a tiger under there. You better watch it. What is your birth sign?


What is the Gemini?

The twins.

I’m an Aries. I’m outspoken, out and about and headstrong. My husband would agree.

My mom is an Aries too, I know about headstrong for sure.

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Thank you so much for taking the time out of your creative space to chat with me. As always, it was my absolute pleasure having you visit. For all the readers, I want to make sure that you know how to find Loveleen and see some of her stunning works of art. They’re not just clothing or items for your home. They are these beautiful works of art. You can find those at my website, which is It’s easy to find. Also, in there will be the links to all of her beautiful creations, websites, and how you can find her on social media. I do believe that you have a discount for all of our readers. Am I correct?

Yes, I do. Through May 31st, 2021, you can enjoy 20% off on any of my products and the code is The Dorci Show. You can get any of my Divine Treasures goodies and enjoy 20% off.

Let me tell you something, you guys need to jump on that because it’s the holidays. Don’t hate the messenger. It is true. Holidays are coming. It’s a perfect time to do a little shopping. I won’t tell anyone if you want to shop for yourself. It’s completely okay. Isn’t it lovely to shop for yourself? One of the things that I like to do when we wrap up our conversation is what I call a Dollop of Dorci. It happens to be a funny quote, a saying or an observation as we conclude our conversation and our chat with Loveleen. This one happens to be in honor of you because it’s about art and creation. This one is called the Three Laws of Art.

First law, create. The worst it can do is suck. The second law, create again. Bad art happens to good artists. The third law, just create. Art is cheaper than therapy, and that comes from Coldstone Press in 2015. How much easier is that to get across? It’s art, it’s cheaper than therapy, it puts you in your groove with divine inspiration and just create. Get back to that child wonder and joy and happiness. We’re going to have to say goodbye for now to Ms. Loveleen and hello to some good news stories, because it’s time for me to say that I’m feeling some kind of way, and I’m feeling I need a good news story to make my day.

Nothing gets me in a happy mood quicker than a ukulele jingle about good news. I hope you enjoyed that. I thought that was too fun not to incorporate, and it definitely gets me in the mood for some good news. This good news story comes to us from Wisconsin. A Wisconsin farmer plants two million sunflowers to make people smile. After a troubled and all the things not so great start to 2020, I think we can all agree on that. A farmer decided to plant two million sunflowers in the hopes of giving people a reason to smile. Scott Thompson operates the Thompson Strawberry Farm in Bristol, which is several miles outside of Kenosha, which is between Milwaukee and Chicago. From the road, visitors can see fields of waving yellow sunflowers and people milling through the seas of color.

For only $25 per carload, customers can come out to the farm and wonder through the sunflowers for as long as they like. Photography is encouraged and you can also take a dozen flowers home with you. Thompson decided that he wanted to do something because he kept hearing people say that they needed to get out of the city and come to a place where they could take their mask off for a couple of hours and have some joyful reality. The planting of sunflowers was his wife’s idea. What started as a small 2-acre field has grown into a massive 22-acre sunflower operations. They plant the shorter sunflowers. There are a couple of varieties. Some are super tall. They plant the short ones because they are better for taking some pretty awesome photos.

The shorter ones are the perfect selfie background so that you can get that sea of yellow behind you. Once people started taking their photos and sharing them on social media, they went viral and his farm has been featured on Good Morning America, USA Today, and even had a call from a media outlet in Manchester, England. If you need some smiles and some sunshine in your day and you happened to be around the Wisconsin area, stop by Thompson Strawberry Farm, take a photo or two. Do me a favor, if you do that or if you’re in a strawberry field or whatever field, and it has beautiful flowers and you take some selfies, share it with me. Tag me on social media because I would love to see you, your smiling face and whatever beautiful photos that you have with you.

That brings me to my next favorite part of the show. This is called Dorci’s final thoughts. My final thought is simple is best when it comes to happiness. That’s so appropriate after talking about the sunflowers because sunflowers, it’s easy and so simple to have something of color and beauty and make you smile. If you guys are anything like me, you sometimes have a tendency to make the simple things difficult. Why? It’s the way we are wired. We’re wired to believe that every simple process has to be difficult, has to be a struggle or plain hard in order for it to work or to be classified as a success. Nothing makes my heart more than seeing people struggle in their daily lives that have so little or no joy and no happiness.

HHF 2 | Uplift Your Soul
Uplift Your Soul: When you’re in alignment, you repel pessimistic people.

We all know we need to be living a life of joy and happiness and we know deep down we deserve it. Most of us struggle with how to find it and keep it going to make it our new normal. I had a happiness strategy call with a new friend. I was so happy that she reached out to me for simple ways to incorporate happiness into her life so that she could move forward with ease and less struggle. That also got me thinking that maybe you guys could use some suggestions for how to incorporate happiness in your world that doesn’t take a ton of steps. It doesn’t matter how serious or how simple your struggles are. They definitely can zap the joy and happiness right out of you and leave you with this huge gaping hole with no clue how to fill it.

Here are a couple of suggestions to get your happy back on track. The simplest thing I can say to you is find some place, like a dollar store, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, these wholesale places or whatever, and go up and down the aisle looking for decorations, festive colors and streamers and flowers. They even have those little fairy string lights. You name it. They’re simple. A lot of them are a dollar a piece and you can put them up and hang them. They are the most beautiful thing because it’s bright, it’s colorful, it’s cheerful. It makes your heart happy, not to mention anyone else that happens to walk in the room that you’ve decorated with it. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. It can be super easy. Even if we have kiddos at home, I bet they have some colored paper. You can even make your own little streamers or pompoms or paper chains and put up around the room. What better way to have some color and joy in your life? My friends, it doesn’t take much.

Another simple suggestion is to cultivate a happy, upbeat playlist. Find some songs that immediately make your heart sing and happy. They put a smile on your face that explodes off your face. It makes your feet jump and tap and want to come out of your shoes. You’re so darn happy. It’s the physical impossibility to be unhappy, crappy, angry, living in your poopy pants and be happy and dance. Jiff doesn’t happen. You cannot be in two opposing states at one time. Another cool thing is you get to choose, my friends. You can either be happy or you can be crappy. I don’t know about you. I choose to be happy and I love music. Put a playlist on your phone, iTunes, wherever you have your music and play it first thing of the day when you wake up. That will prime your day and make sure that you start off on a happy footing instead of a crappy footing.

The last thing I want to remind you about is that our brains are so awesome. They only have one task, that is to prove you right. If all you put into it are negative thoughts and crappy thoughts, you’re angry and you’re frustrated, and you can’t stand your life, “I can’t stand my job. I don’t like this, I’m unhappy with that.” What do you think the world is going to give you? A whole lot more of crappy, poopy, yucky business. Why not tell your mind what you want it to get for you? How do you do that? What do you tell your mind to look for? Simple. Get a post-it note or piece of paper. Cut it into a square. Don’t make it difficult. There’s no excuse, just get a piece of paper and cut it. I want you to write three things that make you a happy smile. For me, that’s roses, kitty cats and bubbles. Put whatever you want on there. Write those three down, then I want you to take that list. Look at it right before you go to bed. Put your phone down. Turn your TV off. Turn the lights off.

Read those three things, then put it under your pillow inside your pillowcase. It may sound silly. Go with me here. If you’ve been living in a constant state of poop, you need something silly and goofy to shift you out of it. Trust me. Why not try it? What do you have to lose, your poopy attitude and your crappy pants? Everybody wants you out of those and I promise they’re not so great to live in. Look at it, put it under your pillow, go to sleep, wake up the next morning. First thing before you get on phone, before you turn on the TV, before you put on those crappy pants, which we’re going to be getting rid of anyway, and before you go potty, take out that little post-it note or that piece of paper and read those three things again. Roses, kitty cats, bubbles, or whatever yours are. Go about your day and start to notice how quickly these things start popping up for real in your life.

It’s something so simple. This little exercise is going to show you the power of your mind in making the unreal, the unbelievable, the silly making it real in your physical world. You’re going to be surprised at how quickly you start seeing these things and manifesting these things in your actual physical reality, which all reinforces the truth that what you think is what you create and see. When you have the choice to choose happy, choose happy. At the end of the day, it’s your choice. Happiness is like any unused muscle. It’s going to hurt a bit to use it when you first start, it’s going to feel uncomfortable. You’re going to fight like crazy because it’s not a habit, yet keep going because one day you’re going to wake up realizing that you will not live another day without some piece of happiness woven throughout your day. You’ll finally realize your life is too precious, too short and too beautiful to live it in those crappy pants.

Nobody likes you in them. They’re the wrong size. They don’t look good. They stink. They’re nasty. They make you ugly. Take them off and leave them in the trash and get ready to put on your happy pants and rock the world like the rock star that you are. Here’s the thing. Happiness is always a perfect fit. That’s it for this episode. Make sure that you come back often and visit my website at That way, you’ll see more shows. You’ll see all the links that we mentioned in this episode for the people, for the good news stories, for all the things healthy, happy, fun. My wish for you was always until next time, that each and every one of you are healthy, that you are happy, and you’re having a ton of fun in this life that you’re living and creating. My biggest Texas love and hugs to each and every one of you.

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