I like to say – Dream Big or Go Home – cause I live in Texas and everything’s bigger in Texas!  Except that I believe dreams are big everywhere not just here!  Your dreams are a big deal to you and deserve to be allowed out to play, grow and become realized.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” – Oprah

Watching the Texans practice

I remember in August 2018 I was invited with my hubby to the Miller/Coors VIP tent to watch the Houston Texans practice.  It was our second time being invited (shout out to my hubs bestie – Roxy!), and it was just as awesome the 2nd time around as it was the 1st!  Being right there on the field, hearing everything so clearly, being so close you can see the sweat dripping off everyone, and let’s face it – being that close to elite athletes is amazing.  The hard work, constant action, and dedication to see things through to realizing and living their wildest dreams…Inspiring for sure!

Granted, it was August in Houston, and even though we were there for the morning practice at 9am, I was sweating like a preacher in a confessional listening to a prostitute!  Now that is a whole new level of wet!  I was all kinds of hot and not in a good way!  (If you know what I mean???!!!)

My situation reminded me of an adorable video (with millions of views of course!) of a little Southern boy talking with his momma.  He said he was sweaty, sweaty everywhere – his butt crack and his balls!!!  All of this said with a strong southern drawl from his booster seat in the backseat of the vehicle!  Honey, I feel ya and I was feeling the same kinda way, (minus the balls part of course), watching the Texans practice!

Are You Living Out Your Dreams?

What made it worth all the sweat, stickiness and heat was watching the new and returning players living out their dreams on that green field.  And I thought about my dreams that I have lived and those that I am not allowing to come out and play.  Why do I do that and what am I waiting for?  Are you feeling the same way?  Wanting something so badly, you’re either afraid to try for it or think that it is just too big to ever happen for you?  That it simply isn’t meant for you to have.

Every player had a dream and worked at it – even when people said, “it can’t happen, it won’t happen for you” or “do you know how many people try for that and never get it”.  Each one stayed in action and is now enjoying the blessings from all those seeds planted many years ago.

Stay in Pursuit of Your Dreams

I don’t know about you, I am certainly guilty of not staying in action in the pursuit of my dreams.  There are so many that have come true – I have danced on a football field in Hawaii when Troy Aikman & Emmitt Smith were playing against each other at the Aloha bowl; my photos have been in a few magazines and I was on TV modeling; had a craft store; started a business that grew to 25 employees then sold it; wrote 3 best-selling books; am a magazine contributor and have a radio talk show!  That is enough for a lot of folks for a lifetime!  And yet, I have so much more to do and that I want to do.  I don’t tell you these things I’ve done to impress you – I say them to impress upon you that there is always time to go after your dreams.

Don’t Stop Dreaming

Whether they are small or global – just do not ever stop dreaming!  My dreams are meant for me and I have the gifts and talents to make them happen and so do you.  No one will ever live out your dreams – they are yours and yours alone.  The only way they will not live is if you refuse to work on them.  Then and only then will they die a slow death.  Don’t let this happen.  If the dream came to you in the first place, then you have everything within you to make it happen.  And when you are in right action moving to make it happen, the opportunities you need to fulfill it completely will be presented to you.

If it weren’t for dreamers, there would be no Disney or Apple products.  And what on earth would we do without Disney and iPhones???  (Was there really a time without either???!!!)  Never let anyone tell you that it is impossible – the very word breaks down into I’m Possible for crying out loud!

If an 80-year old woman can be the oldest and buffest body builder, people in their 70s are getting their high school diploma, or a new football rookie with one hand can get an offer to play professional football, then you are never too old and it’s never too late to dream or take steps to making your dreams come true.

Dream & Play

And I am willing to bet that your wildest dreams were full of fun, play and zero worry.  The only reason they haven’t come true is because the worry became bigger than the desire for the dream.  And the fear of being uncomfortable in the getting of it outweighed the initial happiness and vision.  Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is what makes elite athletes’ elite and what keeps them where they are.

Get busy dreaming BIG!

Who knows, the next Disney concept or Apple type product may be what you are meant to deliver to the world!  I want you to go home, sit down, dream big, write them down and then work on making them happen.  We are waiting for your dreams to become our reality!

If you enjoyed reading this, comment below and share with someone you feel might find value in it or need its message.  And be sure to reach out to me for an in-depth conversation on how I can help you resolve your mind, body or spirit concerns.

My wish for you is as always, that you are happy, healthy and having a ton of fun!

Big Texas Love and Hugs to you!!!


“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”

—Christopher Reeve

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