False Events Appearing Real; Face Everything and Run; Failures Expected and Received – these are some of the many acronyms for those 4 little letters – F E A R.

Here is my take – Finally Enjoying Abundant Reality

This subject comes up a lot when I talk to people in my SM feeds, videos, and even personally.  It got me thinking, why is it that some people are frozen with fear and never take any steps to make their life better while others seem to have the midas touch and create massive movements?

FEAR – all day long and twice on Sunday these 4 letters cause us to…

  • Stay in a horrible job and never for a better fit.
  • Remain in a broken relationship because leaving might mean being on your own.
  • Not do what your heart is begging you to do because it’s not what your spouse or family thinks you should be doing with your talents or time.
  • Never started that new business because it might not work out how you planned.

The only place fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future.  It is always a what-if situation.  If I do X, Y might happen.  It is a manufactured response to a non-occurring event.  And yet, it holds us prisoner and for some, prisoners for years or lifetimes.

It’s a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist at all.

“Why Borrow Worry”

It is the saying “why borrow worry” – You are worried about a problem or situation in anticipation of what might happen and has not happened yet.  Then when the problem or situation does occur, you are in fear while it’s happening and if it turns out you had zero cause to fear you were in a state of anxiety a second time.  That is worrying a problem or situation twice over causing yourself undue stress and unnecessary anxiety. That does not make for a happy, healthy fun life.  This is what keeps you stuck.

It’s a Choice

And this is near insanity.  And it’s a choice – I strive to always give you choices to make your life better, happier and healthier and not making a choice is still making a choice.  You can decide to remain in fear over every decision or start to recognize it for what it is and stop spinning out of control and face it head on with preparation and action.

Action Upon What is Real

That has been key for me.  ACTION.  Preparing and acting upon what is REAL.  Danger is real while fear is a choice.  There is a clear difference.

Your Vision

I recently saw a video with Lisa Nichols and she was talking about vision – your vision is yours alone.  It was not given to your family, friends, co-workers…it was given to you.  Fear creeps in when we start to take those steps to doing what is in our highest and greatest good.  These steps are different from the steps we take every day.  They are unknown and the only thing our mind knows is what it has already done or seen.

When we imagine new beginnings, opportunities, or outcomes, our ego rushes, (often with the help of friends and family), to keep you safe by placing you in a position of fear.  Because when you are in that place you physically stop – you don’t move anywhere – you stay right where you have always been.  And then the fear slowly becomes too much to see through.  Your hopes, dreams and desires fade slowly away until one day the fear becomes reality because there’s no time left and it’s far too late to do anything you once dreamed of doing. You physically manifested a reality based on fear.

Instead, choose to spend time in aligned action and preparation for what you actually have to do rather than what you might have to do.  When you can stop, look at where you are in a moment in time, you realize that all you need to do is WHAT COMES NEXT!  Not the next 10 things – the ONE next step.  That may be simply taking a deep breath, getting up from your chair, and making a sandwich for lunch!  One simple step – physically removing yourself disrupts the pattern of fear, the spin it places you in and replaces it with action.  Fear faced with action loses it power.  You cannot be in a place of fear (inaction) and movement (action) at the same time.  Change the action, change the outcome.

Change Your Story

We all tell ourselves a story with everything we do, say, believe.  Change the story from fear to faith and live in the present – what is actually happening.  Leave worry to itself.  I am not saying this lightly.  This is something that must be worked at daily.  It’s like a muscle – it is weak at first, then slowly it grows strength and before you know it you’re able to do things you didn’t think were possible.

You can change your story from one lived through or with fear, to one of l Live with flow and am Finally Enjoying Abundant Reality!  Everything is waiting for you on the other side of fear – choose yourself, have faith in yourself and take that step forward.  I promise it’s worth it!  Your happier, healthier and much more fun self is waiting for you to drop the fear and embrace the abundance!

If you enjoyed reading this, comment below and share with someone you feel might find value in it or need its message.  And be sure to reach out to me for an in-depth conversation on how I can help you resolve your mind, body or spirit concerns.

My wish for you is as always, that you are happy, healthy and having a ton of fun!

Big Texas Love and Hugs to you!!!


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