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Heart to heART – the Joyful Journey with K8 the heARTist


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Life happens and suddenly we forget how to play. It’s a tale as old as time and women are particularly susceptible to losing that sense of the whimsy, of bliss and plain joy in whatever it is they are doing. Kate Lumley, aka K8 the heARTist, is on a mission to help people bring this playfulness back, infuse creativity and out-of-the-box thinking into their lives and get much better outcomes. K8 the heARTist is a visionary artist, the custodian of EWEtopia, a place that abounds in playful, creative ener-GEE. In case you haven’t noticed yet, K8 has a fascinating approach to language that will get you to pause and ponder! How she went from the drab corporate environment and got into this happy place is a playful story in itself. Listen in as she shares this joyful journey with Dorci Hill.

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Heart to heART – the Joyful Journey with K8 the heARTist

Good morning, afternoon or evening, depending on what time you are catching the show HeART to HeART with an emphasis on the ART part of the word. The joyful journey is what is on the Healthy, Happy, Fun menu for this episode. Why are we talking about that? It is because this time, we will get you tuned in, turned on, and tuned up with your dose of the Healthy, Happy, Fun hour hosted by Dorci, your resident expert of play and Founder of the Healthy, Happy, Fun Life Network and Academy. It’s my mission to turn your frown upside down and help you to incorporate play, purpose and pleasure into your daily routine so that you create that lifestyle that you want to wake up to every day that’s full of love and laughter. Joining me is none other than the best giggle buddy on the planet, Kate Lumley. How are you?

It’s a pleasure always to be with you. I resonate with your language. That’s a shared language of mine, the playfulness, the purposefulness of expanding love and kindness. Thank you for inviting me to join you in this play day on your Healthy, Happy, Fun hour.

That’s what it is. When we get together, it is a total full-on play date. Let me explain a little bit to our audience about you. K8 is an ARTist of the heART whose utensil is a paintbrush that is used to ignite a spark in others. She is creating a universe with love, feeling and creativity that unites one heART at a time. She’s full of infinite possibility and a wicked witty sense of humor, that’s why we’re friends. Welcome, I’m excited that you’re here.

It is truly a pleasure being in this space. I love to show up for things that are expanding consciousness in our planet and focused on love and kindness. It’s how I’m utilizing my divine gifts of being an artist to let them play out in a fun and purposeful ways.

Behind you is one of your beautiful works of art and it has a giggle. That’s perfect.

One thing about me and you is we are intentional. That piece was selected 100% because when I think of you, I smile and laugh because you emit joy. It seems fitting to bring on this piece that I had done in 2017 as part of this journey that I am the custodian of as a visionary artist of a place called EWEtopia. EWEtopia is certainly a place that began in my imagination. I’ve grown to understand it to be a place of consciousness and choice. Choosing love over fear creates a utopic world. As we each choose to see our circumstances and our situations through that loving perspective, it brings more harmony, balance, and peacefulness. This is such a joy ride. I could spend a whole 1.5 to 2 hours speaking nothing more about one piece of art, but that doesn’t seem to make sense to do at this stage.

There are so much depth, meaning and purpose embedded in each piece because they’re energetic triggers. Each thing that we create in our lives is energy. We are the energy. That’s what we create and co-create with the divine, whatever it is. If it’s a meal you’re making for your family, that’s what you’re creating. You’re creating it with the energy that is embedded in you in that moment, in that time. I’ve become conscious since I’m looking to expand love, kindness, passion, fun, compassion that I’m in those states of being when I’m creating art that I’m going to be sharing.

Let me stop you right there because when we get in a zone of speaking of not only what lights us on fire through that love for it, we can both go ad nauseum for hours, and not even realize it has been hours since we started a conversation. We get into what people call time warps. It’s bending time. It’s quantum time, which is physical science. It’s quantum physics. We can bend time and three hours feels like three minutes. I want to let people know, we’re talking about a joyful journey because what you’re doing is it brings out the childlike joy that, unfortunately, as we get older we forget.

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We’re not giving ourselves permission to play, to tap back into that, which also taps into our purpose of why we’re here. We’re not here to be on the struggle bus, to be fighting against everything. If it’s not easy or flowing, it’s not meant to happen. That’s why I was excited to have you here because you work in a corporate environment, yet you have a juxtaposition from the corporate world to this playful EWEtopia that is amazing. I don’t care who you are. You cannot look at you and your world and what you create without immediately going back to something in your childhood, whether it’s drawing or something colorful. That’s why I was like, “I have to have K8 on to remind people, especially women,” because it all happens. Women especially get stuck in doing for everyone all the things and we don’t nurture our own playful sense and our own creativity. We are having a completely playful unscripted conversation so whatever happens, it just happens, and I’m excited about that.

The heart does not lie. The heart expands. These interactions, when we do this in EWEtopia, I call them heartversations. They are the expressions, the sounds and the rhythms of one heart honoring, hearing, and volleying back and forth in a heartversation, revealing that which wants to be exposed and be seen.

Tell me a little bit about the spark that started this new, joyful, creative journey for you because you weren’t always doing this EWEtopia.

I realize now this far into it that it is a part of my divine calling. It’s always been there because the parts started to be called forward, but there was something unique in 2010. I’m in a corporate role of business development on the international side of distribution. I was in a meeting and a new business associate as we were doing creative problem solving, he looked at me and he said, “You are different. You are not a sheep.” Such was the day in February of 2010, on any other routine day, I did not realize that the rest of my life would change and forever be changed to start calling in this utopic world. In the moments that I heard that my witty funny brain heard the word ewe because I’m a linguist and I love language and words.

I was like, “Isn’t that funny? He called me not what I am.” Ewe is a female sheep, “You are not a sheep.” That was the beginning, but to your point of the playfulness of a child and having a childlike way of being because EWEtopia does celebrate that. It’s to invite us to remember, to play, and to create joy and bliss. Whatever we’re engaged in and whatever it is that we’re doing, when we add those components and creativity, the outcomes are better than when we eliminate those components. By being a mother and having children, the mommy and the whimsical artist in me collided. They were young and coming up and I was teaching them different lessons. I then started to think, “This funny little language that I’m using with these characters,” and then I stopped myself and I said, “I don’t have characters. What characters am I talking about?”

That evolution of that beginning point to the time where I said, “This would be a great platform to teach children the lessons that I’m teaching my own children about be the driver of your life. You are what you eat. The importance of being your word and having integrity.” All of that begins with self-love. Everything comes back to loving yourself enough so that you can grow to love all that is. I didn’t speak like that although I knew those things. The dream inside of the dream of creating EWEtopia has made everything in my life better. It ties into this vision that keeps evolving itself. At the beginning, there was a word and the word was you. We are all creators like our creator. Now I’m building a EWEniverse that evolved from simple thoughts but then the idea of, what would the characters be? It completely surprised and delighted me when I asked that question that I did something I didn’t know the answer to. I didn’t know what it was before. Are you familiar with automatic writing?

It is amazing when you get in that zone. When you give yourself permission to tap in and let go and receive, it is amazing. It feels like something has taken over for me. I’m right-handed so it’s my right shoulder all the way down to my fingertips. My hand is going, doing and it’s literally like, “What happened?”

You do know exactly what I’m talking about. In August of 2014, I said, “I don’t have characters. What are the characters? Where would this even take place?” I had a pencil in my hand and I felt my hand begin to write, “Puffy heart clouds float through the sky and the scent of honey fills the air. Heart-shaped trees and flowers dance to the rhythm of freedom and the only thing missing are you.” I went, “What was that?” It was EWEtopia. It’s a place where puffy heart clouds float through the sky and a scent of honey fills the air and EWEtopia was born. From that, the love use that lives on the fun energy farm came right into the nest. It became so fun to be in touch with these parts of the higher parts of myself. At first, I would have to say that as it began, I started to question my own sanity. I’ve always been whimsical and playful, but this was much more expanded than anything I had ever had because it was a whole magical place that was emerging. It was coming through my imagination that fertile soil and playground.

HHF 4 | K8 the heARTist
K8 the heARTist: Choosing love over fear creates a ewetopic world. As we each choose to see our circumstances through that loving perspective, it brings more harmony, balance and peace.

There’s the much higher version because you tapped in, you listened, and didn’t discount and think, “That’s silly. That’s ridiculous. That is nonsense.” You said, “What is this?” With childlike curiosity, you went with it and flowed with it, which too many do not let themselves do and they’re not willing to go there. I want everyone to know, you’ll have to check out her stuff. There are some times when I look at your spelling, my mind gets a little cramped. Like a child, I had to take the time to stop instead of speed reading like hurrying up and getting through a sentence where you miss words. You miss the entire full meaning. With your stuff I’m noticing and the word is appropriate. It’s trying hard and then when I get it, it’s like, “That’s EWEtopia,” and then I’m all happy because I figured out the puzzle of these unique words. The way that you spell them that is freaking fun. It’s adorable.

Thank you for honoring and recognizing all of that. The genius in you playing with the genius of me. I would like to go back to something that you stated which is important to highlight. You said that trusting the self, not discounting it, not going to judge but rather curiosity. With all of your readers, I invite them to think about that critically for themselves. When you get that nudge, that day when I was in a corporate meeting, I had gotten up and ready for work like any other given day. I didn’t know that the rest of my life was getting ready to change because this predestined dream part of my life was going to be seen. I didn’t even see it that day.

You only see your greatest life, sometimes one step at a time. It means getting in motion with the first step that you can see and taking that inspired action around it. With that, your enthusiasm and your emotion build and mounts. It gives you the next step. You then repeat a process. I’m speaking to my process. Whatever I can see, I take inspired action when I’m feeling inspired, but this played out so much. To your point, that funny language, it did begin with that. That’s before I had characters for years. In 2010, I was writing this funny lexicon that’s called EWEtopian language that uses phonetics, numbers, symbols, embedded inside of words to do exactly what I heard you say. Make one stop, slow down, shift from your logical left side of the brain into the creative side of the brain to figure out a little puzzle.

When I first started looking at your stuff, I love it because I love the color. I can’t sit still. I’m animated. It’s right up my alley. Although, when I was looking at some of the words, I was like, “What the hell? I can’t read this. This is crazy pants.” Instead of going, “This is crazy. I don’t have time for this. This makes no sense. This is nonsense,” I stopped because I am literally like the cat, the curiosity gets to me. I’m like, “What is it? How did this work? How did this fit together?” I could not stop without looking at some of the things. With my finger, I’m spelling out. I’m like a little kid, “I figured it out.”

It’s dynamic. That exercise that you went through, I applaud you because what happens when you do that? I love the playfulness of it. The bigger picture is that when you shift one into the creative side of their brain, whatever they engage in next will be done with more creativity. It will have a higher potential. This is the intention behind it. It’s about remembering how we are the creators and recognizing what we stop at. Do we quit something because it doesn’t make sense? I humbly say and put myself next to Dr. Seuss as a creator of words that didn’t exist. When he began his journey by creating a lyrical metaphor teaching with fun whimsical characters from his imagination, people did not know how to speak this funny Seussical language. These words did not exist and now we all know where Whoville is and everyone loves it.

People love it because it stretches the imagination. It makes one believe in the impossible. It’s possible. The word impossible for me, the way that I see that in the EWEtopia language is I add an apostrophe, I’M POSSIBLE. I put a little cork in there and the I’M presence makes everything able to come into being. Seuss created a sacred space of who is ready in Whoville to live in higher consciousness with Yertle the Turtle that speaks of business hierarchy and how you treat beings will influence how their inner work interconnect and create together. The Lorax, how we interface and interact with our environment matters. I could go on and on. There are many high conscious stories. He created Whoville. I grew to understand that EWEtopia is the retort and the reply for those who are already in Whoville, those that have gathered and are ready, which is you and you.

The art that I do while different has a playfulness and bright, cheerful, loose resemblance to the playfulness. It doesn’t look like Dr. Seuss. He and I both work independently in our own unique ways as all creators do and distinct. Someone can look at EWEtopia because the color palette that is in the word behind me, giggle, that is the color palette of EWEtopia. There’s great intention behind all of the reasons for why those colors patterns were chosen. It’s coded to trigger the viewer. I’m not going to tell the viewer what they’re experiencing. I allowed them to tell me what they’re experiencing. Art is a heartversation starter.

It is. Something I want to say right here is you have the pinks and the purples. The thing that I love from an energetic, spiritual standpoint and aspect is that the pinks and purples in the spectrum especially on a spiritual-energetic side didn’t exist many years ago. They started to come in when there was much more love coming onto the planet and acceptance. They’re sending it out to the world and receiving it back. You see a lot more of the pinks and the purples in those hues. I find it not at all coincidence that you have the pinks and purples in there and in the giggle. I love that two of the Gs are the pink and the purple.

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In the frame, you’re framed in between the pink and the purple, which that’s also a higher consciousness. That’s also more of our regal being, which is our true essence. I completely resonate. People don’t realize why a lot of times they’re drawn to specific colors. Yet, especially now on this time at this planet and what’s happening, there’s so much more of a spiritual, energetic shift that not only is happening, it needs to happen. There’s something that you said earlier that I want to highlight because there are things that I like to drive home and make people with their analytical mind, remember or become aware of is that you were in that net corporate environment and you heard the word or the phrase, “Being a sheep,” for umpteen times. You hear that a lot. You’re a sheep. Someone is a sheepherder or a leader and the rest of you are sheep who are just following the herd. How many times have we all heard that? You’ve probably heard it many times. Yet, that one day because unbeknownst to you, even on a lot of levels, you were becoming aware. You were shifting your subconscious in that word because you were in that place to allow a difference.

It came in, resonated, sat, and started to change because you were open. That’s when these changes happen. When we can start tapping into who we are and get out of the fear, and into the faith and the play, when we hear something and start to be in a place of awareness and acceptance and curiosity. I applaud you for being there and letting people know that you’re corporate, analytical-minded, and yet look what amazing beauty has come from you being open to, “This came in. How interesting is that word and what it evokes, and what can possibly go from that?” I love that.

Thank you, Dorci. When I am given the opportunity to hear someone such as yourself reflect back to me what it is they’re experiencing, it brings me great joy. I love everything that you highlighted there for your readers as well. There are no right and wrong answers to how one is interpreting. They’re interpreting it with their consciousness. You picked up on huge pieces with that pink and the purple. Color does have an effect and an impact on your cellular level. It’s at the cell level. There was a lot of work to do about the green dress that Melania Trump wore. The color was out of this world that no one had ever seen that color green before. It made my jaw drop when I saw her in that dress because it was the color.

The consciousness on the planet is elevating. Colors are elevating with it. We’re going to start to see more vibrant, brighter, richer colors. Some of the effects of being in your divine calling, painting, writing, dancing, when you’re in that state and you’re doing what you love, that bliss rises. You reach your highest consciousness. You’re starting to tap in, tuning in, and turn on to what I call collective universal consciousness. It’s in the ethers. We can each pick up components, parts, and ideas from it. I see colors that I cannot physically create yet. That dress was one to me that I was like, “Someone has been able to bring that color into this realm and it’s awesome.”

I know a lot of people may think it is woo-woo. They’re like, “I don’t get all that. I don’t understand all that.” That’s okay. We’ll get you there. For those of us that are becoming much more aware of our surroundings and sites, and the simple thing. The simplistic things in our world, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the energy of something. Even something simple is in my backyard. We built a palapa and I love saying that.

It’s already tropical.

It sounds fun. We had to have one because I wanted to say it. I have all these beautiful, huge hibiscuses. The flowers are the size of a dinner plate. They’re humongous and they’re bright pink and this gorgeous maroon and whites. There are all these different colors. Even the Lantana that I have, which are the yellow and orange that is in the color of one of your Gs in the word giggle. In my flower garden, around the palapa are every single color in the word giggle on your graphic. The purples, greens, pinks, and even the blues. I go outside and I’ve seen them. I’ve had a lot of these flowers for years. They’re huge bushes. They’ve been growing. I’ve had them. They’re not brand-new and yet in 2020, in the midst of all of this upheaval, fear and chaos that is 2020, let’s face it, there’s a lot of that. A lot of low energy that’s on the planet. I go out in my backyard and I feel like I am bombarded with beauty, love and color. It feels like I’m a little kid. I’m bouncing now in my seat. I’m like, “I can’t wait to go sit in my hammock.” I know this is shocking, it’s a multicolor hammock.

You make brilliant points for your audience too. You’re surrounding and embedding yourself in color.

HHF 4 | K8 the heARTist
K8 the heARTist: EWEtopia is the retort and the reply for those who are already in Whoville.

It’s so simple as that flower. The other beautiful thing is animals. You have all of these extraordinary playful animals that are part realistic, part imagination, which is a great combination. I’m noticing that in my world, we are the magicians of our world. We can choose to see what we want and make it beautiful. We can also choose to see all the lower energy and all the not so great stuff and then you stay in the not so great stuff. I am seeing the spiritual world and the animal kingdom are always around us letting us know they’re there. They have messages if we just listen. I cannot tell you how many different animals and creatures I have seen in my backyard. All kinds of bees, big ones, little ones, butterflies, and different lizards

I had possum, hawks, and woodpeckers, even dragonflies. You name it, I have it. They’re happy as can be. I don’t mean 1 or 2. The number is amazing. If I’m seeing a hawk, which I normally don’t see and I’m seeing them in pairs, what is the spiritual meaning of the hawk as a spirit animal? I love to go and find the meanings of those things like, “Why am I seeing this color? Why am I seeing this number repeating? Why am I seeing this animal over and over in my world in my day?” When you go look at it, the meanings of what it means. If you’re open to listen and learn, it can help direct your day in your mind, your life and your business.

Thank you for playing in life at that level. I match you there. We give things meaning when we are the creators. We can choose to do that. I also honor the vibration that you’re being because nature doesn’t lie. Nature is vibrational. These beings that you described are all high vibration, the butterfly, the bees, the salamanders. They will only stay in spaces that are high vibrating. They’re responding to the frequency that you are emitting in your home of love. It’s fun to realize that. I love to play with the energy of their meanings in direct response to thoughts that I have where a little messenger will come with a color, a number. If what we’re saying sounds a little funny. You can do some research on your own and get some insights as to, what do they mean by numbers? It can mean something.

Doreen Virtue had created some tools and there are many of them. That’s my journey where I began. Back in 2010, I finally got some answers to questions. My path with numbers has been my whole life, but no one in my immediate surroundings. While my family is raising me in a traditional Christian home, we weren’t connected to some of the natural spirituality of who we are. It was religion-based, but the numbers are in your divine essence. You can start to interpret numbers as a language. Like any other language, you need to know the dictionary or how to put them together or how to structure a sentence and a thought and colors, similarly. To your point, animals being the messengers and what are they wanting to share with us. It’s beautiful to live life at this level of pARTicipation. The word pARTicipation has a capital ART inside of it for me because it’s the art of living.

When we show up in that word, the HOW is right there inside of the sHOW. The how is already inside when we show up to what it is that we’re going to do. The moment we say, “I will,” the wheels are set in motion. When I said, “I will with EWEtopia,” never in my wildest dreams did I realize that this is going to be something so massive that was placed not only on my heart but in 2018, something magical began happening. I believe that’s the year that I met you at the beginning of 2019.

It feels like we’ve known each other forever.

Michelle, our mutual friends said, “You two need to know each other.” She was spot on. We were both vibrating as we’ve shared in the beginning that she could see that we had a fit. When I started realizing the more, I started to understand our callings at a much higher level, how there is a divine plan, how everything interconnects. We are evolving into new forms of cooperation to move away from corporations, to start collaborating and co-creating and cross-pollinating one another to create that sweet life for each being. We’re being the bees. That’s why they’re present on my artwork in the background. It’s bee happy, bee joy. The moment you need a condition in order to be happy, be happy.

Conditions will always be evolving and changing, when you show up, I don’t mean you have to be happy about the circumstance. Be happy that you have the skills to combat whatever comes your way. Be happy that you are a wise being that is aware of your emotions, recognizing that you are your point of attraction for your next experience with your emotion. The word emotion, as I play with words, I started to see this one night when I was painting in my office in October of 2015. The thought in awareness came into sight that energy in motion, e-motion is how the Law of the Universe, the Law of Attraction finds you. When we’re awfulizing and catastrophizing, the universe will meet us there with more of it.

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That’s something that I’m glad you said because many people don’t realize that. I phrase it in a fun way and say, “You can choose every day to wake up, and there are two pairs of pants that you can put on. You can either put on your happy pants or you can put on your crappy pants.” Seriously, it’s that simple. It’s either your happy britches or your crappy britches. Let’s face it. When you put on your crappy pants, they stink. They don’t fit. They look horrible and nobody wants to be around you when you’re in those crappy pants. Everything that you think you see you encounter is going to be filtered through that unhappy, crappy lens because you woke up and decided the world is against you instead of working with you to create your wildest desires.

You said something earlier because I like to give the real-world. I love to do real-world tips that are also based on not only science in the spiritual and the woo-woo so people realize how much they are intertwined. Our ancient ancestors knew so much more honestly and practiced more of being in tune with the earth and the energy and the flow of things. I was talking to a girl about how to exercise her manifestation muscle. I said, “Let’s face it. It’s a muscle.” Like everything else, you have to work it. You can’t sit here in a yoga pose with your hands out all day and not get in action, and think that the stuff that you’re wanting is going to come to you because you’re not meeting it energetically.

I told her simply to get a little small thing of Post-it, not the big Post-it note. I’m very big on numbers. We both are and three is divine. I said, “Write three things on that piece of paper that you care nothing about. You have no attachment to if it happens or doesn’t. Put it and make it as silly, as goofy as whatever you want.” One of the things she put down was purple ladybugs. I didn’t know she did that. I said, “Put down whatever, put it on a piece of paper, stick that Post-it under your pillow or in your pillowcase so that when you go to bed, you look at it. You put it under your pillow when you go to sleep. What you’re doing is your reticular activating system or center in the brain is going to work on not the chaos, not the frustration, not whatever anger, upset, whatever problems you had during the day. It’s working on those three little things that you had on the list because the mind only knows to work on what we tell it.”

She looked at that list. She woke up the next morning and I kid you not, she texted me. It was not even twelve hours from our initial conversation and she screenshotted a picture and shared it with me. She said, “You won’t believe what showed up on my social media Facebook page.” I said, “What is it?” She showed me a picture and I said, “Are you telling me that on your paper, you had listed purple ladybugs?” She was like, “My goodness.” Somebody shared a picture on her feed that had purple ladybugs asking, “Are these real? They say that they’re found in such and such part of the world. I don’t know if these are real. Are these real things?” She was super skeptical. It’s never the big things. It’s the little things that we need as a reminder that we can create big things. When you see these tiny little insignificant things happen, you go, “I didn’t give a flip about a purple ladybug, put it on a piece of paper and twelve hours later, here’s a picture of a purple ladybug. What else did I do?”

That’s brilliant and what a fun story. Purple ladybug, it did make me look at that little g and it looks like a purple ladybug’s shell. I’ve learned in my journey with manifestation too. The things that I have spent no time in my life building resistance to instantly come to me. We must be cautious to understand to instantly come to me whether they’re what would be perceived things as I do want or I don’t want. The more powerful you start to work in your creative space, the more conscious and important it is that you’re aware that we cast energy and spells with our words. That’s why it’s called spell-ing. We are wizards and we are casting spells with our words. It’s important to be present.

I do a little practice, anything I recognize that had come out of my mouth that I don’t want to see happen because I’m more present to my words, I will say, “I retract that through all time-space dimensions. I do not want any part of that. I’m aware that I do not.” Instead, I offer the opportunity for purple ladybugs to come into my space which I do want to see created come in. What I hear in that story is that way of being. No resistance in her life had ever been spent building up resistance to purple ladybugs. How much do we build up time, energy and thoughts around things that we think we do want to say, “We’ll never have them, we won’t get them, we’re not worthy of them, and I’ll have that someday.”

We tangle it, we twist it and we ring out all the goodness and playfulness of it. I want to say something quickly in there because I love how you were giving that little example. We’re human and sometimes we say things and then we realize, “I put the wrong spin on that. I said this and I’m not wanting that. I put out in the world the exact opposite of what I wanted.” I have started to find myself staying, even if it’s something simple like I’m sitting down to do a landing page or some techie stuff on the computer, which is not my creative space. It’s not my creative jam. Let’s be honest, other things are. I will sit and say whatever I’m doing, whatever opportunity is coming or if I’m sitting down to do some acting work or whatever, I say, “Only those that are of my highest and greatest good are allowed to come into my universe at this time. All else fall away.”

I’ve started to do that so that when I go into it, for me, then I know I’m only operating from my highest and greatest good. I’ve already set boundaries around me that what comes in, because let’s face it, what comes into us also goes back out through us. I don’t want to take in poop from someone else’s crappy pants or I put it on my crappy pants that day because I’m going to give back out some nasty, dirty britches. I don’t want to do that because if I’m being honest, when I do that, I feel even worse. When I take in not so high energy stuff, I let it sit there and get nasty and murky. I feel worse, heavy, ugly and nasty. What do I give out? I give out some horrid stuff, and then I feel even worse later. Why not clear all that? I had to throw that out there because that resonates for me when I say my highest and greatest good, and that’s also all I’m only allowing because there are all other energies and stuff. Let’s face it, I don’t have time for that. You don’t have time for that. We have got to create fun, giggles, EWEtopia, colors, and all this great awesome stuff. I don’t have to go through the poop or the crappy pants.

HHF 4 | K8 the heARTist
K8 the heARTist: Be happy that you are a wise being who is aware of your emotions, recognizing that you are your point of attraction for your next experience.

It is true. I love all of that self-awareness that you said, and the actions that you take to be the creator of the reality that you want to feel and be. There is so much going on in our world. One of the things that I’ve also noticed while I don’t enjoy what you call the crappy pants version of the day, there is a polarity that in our circumstances and our experiences does help us define more clearly how we want to be in the world. I know when those experiences show up for me rather than awfulizing and catastrophize around them, I stay curious about them, utilizing them as data and saying, “Thank you for showing me more of how I don’t want to be. This is not how I want to invest any one of my 86,400 seconds a day.” We have that many now moments to be creating our future every single minute of the day.

We’re always learning more about ourselves when we stay in that consciousness. When I hear you say you react and you give back that energy that is undesirable, one of the things that I love about this journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-presence is that it’s exactly that. Does it mean that you become perfect, that you have your full Christ conscious-self on all the time as Jesus walked this earth in his I am the presence of perfection? I don’t. I still fall short of that, but what happens when I fall short is that through my journey, I’ve become self-aware so that when I say a hurtful word to one of my children or another being that I love and it comes out and I hear it. I can stop it at that moment with the awareness and say, “That is not what I want to say to you. I love you and that was hurtful. I’m aware of that. I want to take back that hurt that I placed upon you because that’s not for you. That’s not my goal.” When we start speaking this way to one another, these situations that we’re seeing play out around our nation and our world of hate, violence, and distrust or one group thinking that there’s more important than another, we all matter. All beings are great and small. Inside of the word smALL is the word ALL. The bumblebee, the honeybee is an important being on our planet. If he goes, ultimately we all go.

It’s shocking what would happen if these guys would not be here anymore.

Every life has purpose and value. My goal and my vision are that we begin to see that. What I believe and have come to understand in my journey is that as we each are able to master our own peace by being more of what we love and then over time, starting to find a path in a way that can create a lifestyle for ourselves. I began this while I have sold art many times at different stages of my life. This journey did not begin with me thinking I was going to be selling art. It was not part of the vision because that takes time, energy, and distribution and keeping up. I’m a mother to triplets and I have a corporate job. I have a loving partner that I love to be with and spend time and friends. All of that takes time. As we begin our journey and our process, just understand that the process and the dream allows us to become more of who we are and evolve with it. We get better at this life to start to appreciate all life. As you find that inner peace, world peace will come about. It’s organic. It happens one step at a time with each being in their peace. That’s the only way we’ll reach it.

I had different quotes from Gandhi on my wall at one point before we redid and remodeled, and it is true, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I know some people say, “That’s overused.” If you think it’s overused, have you used it? Do you put it into use in your life? This takes time and work and it takes a considerable amount of inner power to say, “I’m going to change my thoughts, my verbiage, my conversation with myself, with the world, and how I present myself.” I catch myself too with people and things that I take a pause sometimes before I say something even in the heat of the moment because if I were to react instead of being reactive, it’s immediately going after somebody or something. It’s a completely different scenario if I’m reacting differently and from a calm state and saying, “Do I want to say that? If something’s triggering me, why is it triggering me because it has nothing to do with me?” I try and look at everything that I’m doing. Am I perfect? Of course not. I am a freaking human and some days I don’t know how they get on my body, but the crappy pants seem to get on somehow or another. Once I realized that I’m like, “We’ve got to take them suckers off and change fast.”

I put my colorful britches back on. I try and remember, all it takes is the tiniest little ripple. It can start a tsunami. The tiniest little fluttering of wings can cause a storm. It is that simple to start with you, in your conversation with what starts from you out, and then the whole world ripples the effect. It’s rippling. K8, I want to end right there and say thank you for being here. I do want to give you space. Do you have any final words, anything that’s come in like a little light bulb or something that you feel like at this moment? Is there anything you’d like to impart with us that you feel like, “I got this download and I got to share it.”

I’ll invite each being to get curious about which inspires them. If they aren’t certain, it can start with anything. The thing that makes you smile and makes you laugh, expand it, do more of it. Get into a rhythm of being present to the things that are bringing you more joy, to get to that space, to give yourself the permission to live your inspiring life. This is something that I wear. It’s a ring. It’s breaking up a little bit because everything is energy, but it’s a little googly ring. That is my inspire-ring that I can often remind myself of when you were talking about your crappy pants. I can flip my hand, look at it, and make the eyes smile back at me to bring joy into my life. Find things that can instantly put you back into your heart center and staying in that space of trusting and believing in yourself. I know that there’s a genius that dwells in each one of us. My interest is in having each being recognizing that about ourselves also. I’ll keep doing my part and I’m going to invite each of you to do your part in how will you choose to express love and kindness in our world that is uniquely your own? I love you.

That’s a great question to end with to ask seriously. Consider how are you going to be the love that you want to see? How are you going to be it and express it? I love that. K8, thank you.

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Thank you for letting me come and play with you. It’s been a most delightful day.

It’s been amazing and don’t worry, guys, I’m not going to leave you hanging. I know you want to find out how to connect with her and see her amazing stuff. Head on over to my website at I would recommend that you go and check her out and follow her. She’s up to some high energy awesomeness in this world. If you need a good giggle, all you got to do is look at some of her beautiful playful designs and it’s a given.

One of the things I like to do as we wrap up is I call it a Dollop of Dorci. It’s a fun little quote, saying or phrase. Something that encapsulates the conversation and in honor of you, it’s all about creativity. There are three rules of creativity we’re going to talk about. The first rule of creativity is to live a creative life, you must lose your fear of being wrong. The second rule of creativity is if glitter is wrong, then I’m okay with being wrong because I don’t want to be right. I live in Texas. Everything is go bling or go home. If it does not have glitter, what is wrong with the world? I’m serious about this. If you have an issue with glitter and cleaning up, it’s called the vacuum. They work wonderfully. The third rule of creativity is my ultimate favorite. Here’s my forecast. Crafting on the weekend is a forecast of creativity with a heavy chance of chocolate. We are going to say goodbye for now to K8 because I have no doubt we are going to have her back with us again. We’re going to say hello to some good news stories. It’s time for me to say I’m feeling some kind of way and I’m feeling like I need a good news story in my day.

Our good news story comes to us from Jersey City. This is about a barbershop that helps save a restaurant from closing after their staff tested positive for COVID-19. It’s running rampant at this time of the year. I wanted to share some good news about people around the world that are reaching out to help their fellow neighbors. After restaurant staff tested positive for COVID-19, a neighboring barbershop stepped into work at the restaurant to keep it open. This happened on November 6th at Würstbar in Jersey City. They put up a notice on social media that they would be closing until tests for all twenty of their employees came back negative. The owner, Aaron Kahn, called his barber to cancel his regular Friday haircut and to fill him in on the unfortunate news. The barbershop owner or the guy that runs it, Andre, who is two doors down from Würstbar, walked to the bar to have a cup of coffee and offered to help. He says, “I can wait on your tables tomorrow.” That is exactly what he did.

He posted on social media that Virile Barber Shop is taking over Würstbar to help the quarantined staff. The weather is too nice to let our neighbors at Würstbar stay closed. “I’ve taken over the bar and I’m selling pretzels, beer, wine, and cider for outdoor seating only. Come on by and support this great staff.” He also brought along his friend to help out with the restaurant duties and together, they took care of 40 to 50 tables. He said they were super busy. It wasn’t overwhelming though. There was a lot of good energy and sunshine and people were in a celebratory mood. They went through a lot of beer. It did reopen on Thursday with the regular staff and everyone tested negative, except that one employee who is positive and is in isolation. I believe he is doing well.

Aaron Kahn said that he’ll never forget his neighbors’ kindness. What a great neighbor. Andre’s an asset to the neighborhood. He’s welcome to wait tables anytime. Doesn’t that make you feel good and your heart full of joy, knowing that there are other people out there helping? Here’s the thing. If he had not said anything, his neighbor at the barbershop would never have known what was going on. They were going to have to shut their doors for no telling how long. He helped, which is simply going, picking up and doing. It is easy for us to do that. Yet, it’s the easiest thing to forget. It is to offer that simple little helping hand.

Since we are getting close to the holidays, I wanted to share some fun things about the holidays like some traditions, why we celebrate them for my Dorci’s Final Thoughts Segment. We’re talking holiday poop on a stick. Burning logs and bright colors are holiday traditions. Why we celebrate them? There are many things that we do during the holidays. A lot of times, we don’t give these habits or traditions much thought. We’ve always done them and so we always do them. For one, I love to find out why of anything like why a lot of things? I go to town trying to figure out where do these things come from? Where do they originated? How on earth do these traditions even came about or got here? It turns out much of what we celebrate originates from Medieval times or even earlier. Traditions marking the time of year or winter festivals or rituals, they usher in springtime as well as being religious in nature.

HHF 4 | K8 the heARTist
K8 the heARTist: You become able to master your own peace by being more of what you love.

Here are a couple of things that I thought you might enjoy knowing a little bit more about. Make sure that you reach out to me and let me know if some of these things are in your holiday traditions and decorating. What if any meaning they hold from you or if you thought some of these are awesome because of the history, you decided to incorporate them into your holiday or winter decorating? One of the ways you can reach out to me is super simple. Get your phone because I know you guys have it and text the word show to (979) 721-5724. It’s not a crazy bot. Let me know what you guys are going to do, what some of these things you’re going to use, and what you enjoy about the holidays.

The first one I want to talk about is mistletoe. You hear the song, you see it in decorations. You see a lot in movies especially Hallmark is going crazy now with all these wonderful new movies. There’s a lot of mistletoe in those Hallmark movies because it makes you feel good. You see it and you want to go smoochy under the mistletoe. The myths might have a different meaning for you after I tell you where it originated from. It’s a plant. It grows on a range of trees including willow, apple and oak trees. The tradition of hanging it in the house goes back to the times of the ancient Druids. It’s supposed to possess mystical powers, which bring good luck to the household and it wards off evil spirits. It was also used in ceremonies and then burnt once Christmas was over. It was also used as a sign of love and friendship in Norse mythology. That’s where the custom of kissing under the mistletoe comes from.

The custom of kissing under the mistletoe comes from England. The original custom was that a berry was picked from the sprig of the mistletoe before the person could be kissed. When all the berries are gone, then there’s no more kissing. Make sure that you pick one with lots of berries if you want to do lots of kissing. The mistletoe is normally spread on trees through bird poo. It’s a parasite. The plant attaches itself to the host tissue, which is a tree and it grows out of the branch. It’s not exactly all that romantic anymore is it because you’re like, “I’m kissing under a poop plant.” Mistletoe promotes wildlife. It’s a cool thing even though it comes from poop which is natural. It’s all good. Although it is poisonous to us, it provides a great source of fiber for many animals. Birds rely on the plant. Butterflies lay their eggs on it and they use the nectar. Bees also get important pollen from the mistletoe. A mistletoe derives from two Anglo-Saxon words, mistel meaning dung and tan meaning twig or sticks so it’s a poo stick.

It’s spread through bird poo. It’s a parasite so it’s a poopy parasite on a poop stick. It fits appropriately with 2020 because we felt like we have been given a poop sandwich or poop on a stick instead of a popsicle. Mistletoes is poop on a stick. It’s not exactly romantic and we’ve had enough of it for 2020. Let’s go ahead and move on to something besides poo on a stick and that is the colors of Christmas. Traditionally, we see red, green, white, and gold, and you automatically know that Christmas is coming. Why are these colors so entwined with our understanding and our recognition that it’s Christmas? Most of these colors and their meanings come from the Western or Northern European traditions and customs when Christmas is in the middle of winter and it’s dark and cold.

One of the first colors green comes from evergreen plants like the holly, the ivy, and the mistletoe. They have been used for thousands of years to decorate and brighten up buildings during the long dark winter. They also reminded people that spring would come again and winter would not last forever. I know sometimes in some parts of the world, it seems like it’s never-ending. It does come to an end. The Romans would exchange evergreen branches during January as a sign of good luck. The ancient Egyptians used to bring palm branches into their houses during the mid-winter festivals. In many parts of Europe during the Middle Ages, they had something called paradise plays that they performed. These were often on Christmas Eve. They told Bible stories to people who could not read. The paradise tree in the Garden of Eden in the play was normally a pine tree with red apples tied to it. Our most common use of green at Christmas are our Christmas trees, wreaths, garland and things like that. We have a plethora of green that we still use.

Red, we mentioned about one of the early uses of red at Christmas were the apples that they would put on the paradise trees in these paradise plays. They represented the fall of Adam in the plays. Red is also the color of holly berries. You see on the holly berries and a lot of decorations for Christmas. It’s kind of a staple. They are said to represent the blood of Jesus when he died on the cross. Red is also the color of bishops’ robes. These also would have been worn by Saint Nicholas and then became Santa’s uniform that we still see to this day.

Moving on to another color, gold. That is the color of the sun and light, which are both important in the dark winter months. Both red and gold are also colors of fire that you need to keep warm that many of us have in our homes during the cold winter days. Gold was also one of the presents brought to the baby Jesus by one of the wisemen. Traditionally, it’s the color used to show the star that the wisemen followed. Silver is sometimes used instead of or in conjunction with gold. Gold is used predominantly because it’s a warmer color and silver tends to be more of an accent, although it’s cool seeing some of the older vintages like aluminum silver trees. My grandmother used to have one of those and it was beautiful when different lights were displayed on it. That was beautiful. A little trip down the memory lane there especially during the holidays, nothing warms my heart like a good memory around Christmas.

White is also used a lot in Christmas decorating and it’s associated with purity and peace in Western cultures. During the winter months for a lot of people, the snow that happens is also white. Although unfortunately, where I live, I can dream all day long of a white Christmas because we don’t get it where I live over. We don’t get it. If we’ll get one, people freak out because they don’t know how to drive or do much of anything because we don’t get it often. That’s why I have to go visit it. White paper wafers were also sometimes used to decorate the paradise trees in those paradise plays. The wafers represented the bread eaten during Christian communion or mass when Christians remember that Christ died for them. White is also used by most churches as the color of Christmas when the altar is covered with a white cloth. In the Russian Orthodox Christian Church, gold is used for Christmas. What are some other colors that are often associated with the holidays?

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One of those is blue, which happens to be my favorite color. The color blue is often associated with Mary, the mother of Jesus. In Medieval times, blue dye and paint was even more expensive and desired than gold. It could only be worn by Royal families and the rich. Mary was often painted wearing blue to show that she was important. Blue can also represent the color of the sky and the heavens because on dark winter days or overcast, a lot of times, you don’t see that. When you can see the blue sky and see up to the heavens, it makes you feel much more at ease and that there’s something out there bigger and greater than you, and something with you that you don’t have to do this thing called life on your own.

Another color is purple. During Advent, purple and sometimes blue are used in most churches for the color of the altar cloth. In the Russian Orthodox church, red is used for Advent. There are a couple of myths over the colors like why we use them, where they came from. With all the new fabulous LED technology, we can have hundreds of colors of lights doing all kinds of fun, twinkly, different things. I love it. I think it is fabulous. Although I still do have those traditional colors, the red, the white, the green, and the gold as my base colors, and then go a little crazy from there. Let me know what you are doing color-wise. I’ve got multicolor in my hair so I would love to hear about color. This last one I want to tell you about is Yule log because if you’re like me, nothing says winter and the holidays a wonderfully crackling or warm fireplace. I love the fire going. I grew up in a home with a fireplace and every year, my dad would get a truckload of wood.

I would beg to have fires on days when we had the slightest hint of a chill in the air. He was like, “This girl drives me crazy.” To say that I was a firebug and a fire hog would not be farfetched. It would not be telling you a tale because that is 100% true. I would sit in front of the fire for so long. My back would be red and my family would be complaining because I would be blocking the heat from coming out into the rest of the room. They would say, “Dorci, can you please move?” I would then move to the edge as close as I could get to the edge while still covering my back. I can’t even explain how much I love a fireplace.

The Yule log story is interesting and it’s one you might enjoy as much as I do enjoy a crispy crackling fire. The custom of burning the Yule log goes back to and before Medieval times. It was originally a Nordic tradition. Yule is the name of the old Winter Solstice festivals in Scandinavia and other parts of Northern Europe, such as Germany. The Yule log was originally an entire tree. It was carefully chosen and then brought into the house with great pomp and ceremony. The largest end of the log would be placed into the fire hearth while the rest of the tree stuck out into the river. The log would be lit from the remains of the previous year’s log, which had been carefully stored away and slowly fed into the fire through what they were called the Twelve Days of Christmas.

A lot of times, we celebrate the twelve days of Christmas like the twelve days before. I’m going to burst your bubble a little bit and give you a history lesson because the twelve days of Christmas don’t start until December 25th. It goes to an epiphany, which is January 6th. If you hear about the twelve nights and the twelve days of Christmas, it’s not that twelve days before. It’s Christmas day through January 6th. I’m thinking it’s a cool tradition to start and maybe suggest to those that you love. Maybe we should start doing twelve gifts after Christmas so that we can extend the holiday a tad longer. I don’t know about you. That sounds fabulous and a great new custom to start if you’re not doing it already.

It was considered important that the relighting process was carried out by someone with clean hands. Nowadays, most people have central heating so it’s difficult to burn a tree. I don’t think you’d want to go and cut down a tree and burn the whole thing. The custom of Yule log spread all over Europe and different kinds of wood are used in different countries. In England, oak is traditionally used. In Scotland, it’s birch and while in France, it’s cherry. Also in France, the log is sprinkled with wine before it is burnt so that it smells nice when it’s lit. They sprinkle with wine in France. I don’t know about you, but if you’re a wine drinker, maybe you don’t want to sprinkle it on your log. I’ll sit and watch the log and I’ll enjoy my wine when I’m watching it.

It’s France, which is code for everything with wine, food, fire, everything with wine. In Devin and Somerset, which is in the UK, some people have a large bunch of ash twigs instead of the log. This comes from a local legend that Joseph, Mary and Jesus were cold when the shepherds found them on Christmas night. The shepherds got some bunches of twigs to burn them to keep warm. In some parts of Ireland, people have large candles instead of a log. This is only lit on New Year’s Eve and the twelfth night, which the twelfth night would be an epiphany. Different chemicals can be sprinkled on the logs like wine or other incense or our other herbs to make the log burn with different colored flames and have different smells.

The ashes of your logs are meant to be good for plants. For you that want to do recycling of your trees or whatever else you’re using for the holidays, this would be perfect if you have Yule log or even your Christmas trees or whatever. The ash from the burnt wood contains a lot of what is called potash, which helps plant flowers. If you throw the ashes out on Christmas day, it’s supposedly unlucky. Don’t do it on Christmas day. Wait until after Christmas day and save it for your plants. This is one of my favorites, a chocolate Yule log. It’s pronounced a Buche de Noel. It is a popular Christmas dessert or pudding. It’s traditionally eaten in France and Belgium.

Thankfully, this has made its way over here. They’re made of a chocolate sponge roll layered with cream. The outside is covered with chocolate or chocolate icing and decorated to look like a bark-covered log. Some people like to add extra decorations such as marzipan mushrooms. I honestly don’t give a full lip. What else you add to it? You don’t even have to decorate it to make it look woodsy or a piece of bark because if it’s chocolate and it’s cream, I’m cool and I’m down with it. You don’t have to go crazy decorating. Give me a knife, give me some coffee or tea, and let me get at it. Regardless of what traditions you celebrate, without question, I hope some of these were fun for you to learn about and discover where they came from, and why they’re prevalent in our Christmas holidays.

If you use these things or decorate with this, why that maybe you’ve done it? Why not add some of these in this year or your own version or something completely new? It is cool to look back on these things that you did as a child and then see your family celebrating them to this day. Wringing in the holidays with some old familiar traditions as well as some new ones is one of the best ways to create and make new memories. After all, that’s what memories are made from, sugar, spice and lots of nice moments you share with the ones that you love and call your own.

That is it for this episode. I am thrilled that you were here. I hope you had a lot of fun, enjoyment, and some great holiday decorating ideas or maybe learned a little something about why you decorate what you decorate with. If you liked this episode, which I hope that you did, make sure that you share it with someone else that can get a good giggle, find some value and have some fun with it. As always, my wish for you until next time is that each and every one of you is happy, you are freaking healthy and having a ton of fun, and this life that you are living and creating. My biggest Texas love and hugs to each and every one of you. Bye for now.

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