Here in Texas the thermometer is rising and with summer solstice signaling Summer (June 21), it’s about time to clear up your energy field with another chakra chat with Dorci!

I’ve been dancing in some form since I was 4 and now teach a healing dance therapy – Chakradance.  It’s a dance practice for the soul and is absolutely amaze-balls for what it helps clear out – energetically, physically and mentally – it helps clean house – your physical house!  And with the temps rising – what better activity to do to stay happy and healthy than a little soul dancing in an air-conditioned home!

Summer Solstice & Dog Days

The summer solstice this year was June 21 – which is the longest day of the year.  Here in the south we are experiencing hot, humid days that seem to linger for days on end!  (It’s like the devil came down from Georgia to Texas and cranked the thermostat to Bake your Butt degree!)

What is commonly referred to as “The Dog Days of summer” will begin on July 12 and end on August 20.  The ancient Romans called the hottest, most humid days of summer “dog days.” The name came about because they associated the hottest days of summer with the star Sirius. Sirius was known as the “Dog Star” because it was the brightest star in the constellations.

The dog days occur soon after the Summer Solstice which indicates the heat will soon set in.  Sirius is rising in the heavens during this time of the year and is easily seen.  And since Sirius is making itself known, I decided it was high time to have another balancing conversation with some ways to stay cool by tapping into your personal power for the summer with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Chakras – Your Energy Centers

Chakras are known as energy centers in the body.  We have 7 that are commonly talked about, and these energy centers can become blocked or out of balance by being over or under active.

The Solar Plexus ChakraStay well balanced and be sure you take time to play

Things to consider: Sun = Solar = Yellow = Summertime – so everything yellow – foods, clothes, crystals all are connected at this time and important to look at if you want to stay balanced when the heat outside and your internal heat (anger) rises.  This is also a great time to consider eating with the seasons and add in more yellow to your diet and life.

This chakra – the solar plexus – is the energy center located at the lower chest area.  This chakra is full of fire, life and is energizing – think of the term “fire in your belly” and you will understand where this chakra is and why it could be so important at this time of year.

When this chakra is balanced you will notice…

  • You have a strong sense of self-worth.
  • You are confident and have a good sense of your own personal power. (This isn’t a power you have over others or is something that can be taken away from you – it is an inner strength that you can draw on when needed.)
  • You will enjoy the spontaneity of life and you’re willing and eager to try new things and take on new challenges – both personally and in business.

When it’s out of balance and over-active you will notice…

  • An overly aggressive behavior in yourself and others. (It often seems like this behavior happens for no reason).
  • You may dominate others.
  • You are unyielding in your opinions and stubborn in your outlook on life.
  • You might be overly competitive, arrogant and display controlling tendencies.

When it’s still out of balance and under-active you may experience…

  • Low energy levels.
  • Exhaustion that is a result of more than just the heat.
  • You become weak-willed and allow others to walk all over you – again, you don’t know why this is happening or why you’re allowing it to happen.
  • Being shy and withdrawn avoiding people and situations where you may be the center of attention.
  • Passive/aggressive behaviors (from others and yourself).
  • Bouts of depression.

This energy center is either crazy aggressive or you want to run and hide!  What the heck can you do to stay in balance and remain a “cool cucumber” this hot summer?

It’s simple really!  Follow the number 3…which is my favorite number.  It’s a divine number and it’s easy to implement 3 simple steps.  So that is where we will start!  These 3 steps involve the mind, body and spirit – 3 things I talk about all the time and teach others because they need to be balanced and working in harmony for you to be in complete alignment.

The Mind – Choosing

MindChoosing.  What you do and allow starts in the mind.  Remember every action is a choice and is your responsibility – do not blame others or the universe.  Re-evaluate where you might need to let people/places/patterns or habits go that no longer serve you.

Now is also a good time to celebrate your achievements and successes thus far this year and set goals for what you want to strive for the last 6 months of the year.  This phrase comes to mind – “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” because this time of year is an excellent time to release those who have been holding you back from reaching for your greatest potential.  And that could also be your own limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.  Retrain your mind by making better choices for yourself.

Suggestions for retraining the mind are:

  • Practice gratitude. When you see good, your focus shifts to subconsciously seeking more goodness.
  • Begin a basic meditation practice. A calm, quiet mind is able to recognize unhealthy choices/situations/people quicker than a frenzied, stressed mind.
  • Work with a mindset mentor to help you find and then eliminate blocks. Most people have a difficult time “seeing” where they get stuck and it’s easier for another person to identify your “triggers” and help you eliminate those bad habits.

The Body – Boundaries

Body Boundaries.  Create good boundaries, even physical ones, so that you are not triggered by other people AND you don’t trigger anyone else.  Let’s face it – no one likes it when you’re wearing your poopy panties!

A powerful mantra is to say, “What’s yours is yours, What’s mine is mine” – as this immediately and energetically puts up a spiritual hand to keep other nonsense from affecting you.  You won’t absorb negativity and it also keeps your crap from causing someone else to have a poopy day.

This chakra brings the masculine energy into play so be careful not to fuel any aggressive tendencies by taking some time away from people or places that might cause you to become stressed.  (When you are working with your mindset to make better choices, you’ll start to discover what triggers you, why it does and ways to stop it completely in the future.)

Suggestions for balancing the body are:

  • Alone time spent in meditation, writing, singing, coloring, etc. – something creative that is stimulating, fun and gets you moving our of your current state of anxiety/stress.
  • Performing movement that suits you (yoga, walking, biking, swimming, dancing, etc.).
  • Nutrition – eat right for your personal body type. Poor nutrition will send your physical body into a downward spiral of illness and imbalance.

These steps are key after doing the mind work to keep you on track and in right action to achieve those goals you set for the rest of this year.

The Spirit – Reconnect

Spirit Reconnect.  Take some time to reconnect with the universal energy source and flow.  And yes, we are all in flow on this planet and are usually affected by the same things if we are not careful.  Ever wonder why when you are experiencing something that other people will say, “Hey, I have been feeling that lately too”.  It’s no coincidence.

This Universal flow, which is the source of all energy – (whatever you personally call it) – God, Source, Spirit, Allah, Brahma, the Divine – are all in alignment and ready to give you everything you desire as long as you are open to receive it and in balance.

This is why it is vital to clear your energy body of negative beliefs, limiting values or outdated systems that no longer serve you and have been holding you back.  Not living up to your soul potential is far worse than not living up to your physical potential.

You came with gifts to share while on this journey called life, and this time of year is a great time to slow down, (cause it’s also hot!), and listen to that inner guidance that keeps you on track and in sight of your own unique direction, ambitions and goals.

3 easy tips to rebalance your spiritual body are…

  • Earthing – go outside and experience nature simply. Hug a tree, walk barefoot in the grass, lay in a field of flowers, etc.  Nature is always in balance, and it’s an easy/quick way to relieve stress and recalibrate your internal wiring
  • EFT tapping (emotional freedom technique – tapping on acupressure points)
  • And the obvious – schedule a Chakradance session with me! I can help you dance all this mess into your own message of happiness and joy!

I hope you enjoyed this Chakra Chat as much as I did writing it for you!  If you enjoyed reading this, comment below and share with someone you feel might find value in it or need its message.  And be sure to reach out to me for an in-depth conversation on how I can help you resolve your mind, body or spirit concerns.

My wish for you is as always, that you are happy, healthy and having a ton of fun!

Big Texas Love and Hugs to you!!!


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