Welcome to The Healthy, Happy, Fun Hour with Dorci! 

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Welcome to The Healthy, Happy, Fun Life Hour with Dorci – your weekly dose of healthy, happy, and fun! With an eclectic mix of intriguing, unique guests, this show is your roadmap to all things health and happiness.

Dorci Hill is a podcast host, three-time bestselling author, speaker, healing dance therapist, an expert of play, and the Founder of The Healthy, Happy, Fun Life Network & Academy. She also holds two degrees – an Associates of Arts and BS in Biology/Chemistry.

Her personal journey to whole body wellness began after her mother passed away at the age of 47 while Dorci was 21 and in college to become a medical doctor. This traumatic event changed the pathway she was traveling into a lifelong search for complete, holistic balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Dorci believes in order to be completely happy, you must live in a balanced environment – one that reflects play, purpose, and pleasure on all areas of lifestyle. If it isn’t enriching some part of your life, then it simply must go! Everything in life is easier when infused with a playful spirit and a happy heart. The only hiccup is most people don’t know how to have it, create it, and keep it going until it is their new normal. Happiness is not a course taught in school and that’s why “adulting” is simpler when you have a roadmap to navigate the rough patches and get back to the happy moments! Enter – the Healthy, Happy, Fun Life Hour!

Dorci works with people in her monthly membership, masterminds, groups and one-on-one in high level VIP sessions. She loves to speak, laugh and lead people to new understandings and mindsets with simple steps and through developing micro habits. When things are simple, they are easier to implement and become habitual!

She’s sassy, quirky, loves to laugh and entertain guests and listeners. If you need inspiration, she’s got you covered! If you need a giggle buddy – look no further! If you need a swift kick in the pants – stay tuned and connected because she is as no-nonsense as they come!

Mix together inspiration of a female Tony Robbins, a sprinkle of Oprah’s positivity, and a huge helping of Ellen’s sass and stir vigorously. What you are left with is a whole lot of fabulosity with a heart of gold – and that is Dorci!

We all want to be happy and healthy, but how can we make that happen? It’s not rocket science! Join The Healthy, Happy, Fun Life Hour and learn all about simple steps and micro habits you need to realize your goals.

Every week, we’re featuring guests from the wellness world, healthy culinary wizards, lifestyle experts, astrology/energy/spirituality experts. We’ll also chat about and with our furry four-legged friends! In each episode you’ll get heaping doses of good news stories, guest interviews, spontaneous outbursts of uncontrollable laughter, playful rapid-fire Q&A, Dorci’s Final Thoughts, Dollops of Dorci (quirky bits of weekly wisdom), and soooo much more!

You alone are responsible for your happiness because a joy-filled life is serious business and giggles aren’t just for kids! Tune in to The Healthy, Happy, Fun Life Hour with Dorci today!