Client Praise


For the past 8 years I’ve had excruciating back pain on my right side. The only way to reduce the pain was cortisone shots every 5-6 months or by not moving much.

This was not realistic – especially for a 26-year old! I was taking 3 Advil every 3 hours to manage the pain. 

I finally worked with Dorci and she put me on some supplements and changed my workout routines. Within 2 weeks I realized I had not been reaching for the Advil bottle! Even after being on my feet for 12 hours running around, I still didn’t need a pain reliever.

This has truly been a life changing experience.

Mackenzie - Fashion Editor

Trish Testimonial

I feel blessed to have been able to attend an event hosted by Dorci Hill.  

She is a powerhouse of fun!  

An incredibly engaging speaker, Dorci will have you laughing in the first 5 seconds!

Trish Blogger

Pari Testimonial

It has been such a pleasure working with Dorci.  She and I connected immediately and this was mostly due to her vibrant and authentic energy.  She is a person that you instantly feel comfortable with. 

Dorci helped me break free from limiting belief and mindset I was struggling with almost all my life so effortlessly and effectively.  She introduced me into movement and flow that helped me break the walls I built around me and live in freedom.  

I have complete confidence in her ability to mentor and coach others as she has this innate ability to connect on a deep level.  

I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a strong, bold and authentic coach.

Pari - Stylist

Angel Card Readings!

Juliet Testimonial

Dorci did a reading for me and picked the deck personally.  She pulled cards from the archangel Raphael healing deck and I was blown away!  She had no clue that me and my mother would often ask for guidance from archangel Raphael and that I was needing some guidance with health matters at the time of the reading.  I was shocked, pleased and amazed by the accuracy of her reading.

Thank you so much Dorci!

Juliet - Fashion Editor

Heather Testimonial

I was hesitant to having a reading because I have had mixed results in the past.  After Dorci did an 11 card reading for me, I was amazed by the accuracy of the reading and how spot on it was for me.  It confirmed many things that I was going through and concerned with and as a result, changed jobs and took a completely different path that left me and my husband much happier!  I still cannot believe how unbelievable the reading was from Dorci.  

I was blown away and grateful!

Heather Blogger

Penny Testimonial

Dang girl…dead on!  About as timely dead on as you could get in everything.  

All three cards were like BAM!!

Penny - Stylist

Chakra Dance - Healing Dance Therapy

Joe Testimonial


My first Chakradance experience conducted by Dorci resulted in a crown chakra healing.  I had a tapping sensation on my ear and then a total head-to-toe chakra-gasm that left me in a state of total pure bliss.

Joe blogger

Tina Testimonial


Chakradance was a magical experience for me.  As I surrendered to the music, my body felt liberated.  Thank you Dorci for providing that sacred space of freedom.

Tina blogger

Valerie Testimonial


Dorci knows her stuff – her confidence & belief in what she knows is Amazing!  

She is a life changer!

Valerie blogger

Rala Testimonial


I highly recommend Chakradance as a form of movement meditation.  It is a great way to start or end the day.  It’s cleansing & relaxing all while getting in touch with yourself.  

I truly loved the meditation/movement combo.

Rala blogger


The caring, accessible way Dorci spoke make it possible to explore the spiritual universe within my body and well beyond!  Felt luminous, open, expansive, fluid & excited.

Christina W. blogger

Andrea Testimonial


As an introvert, I was somewhat fearful of Dorci’s group Chakradance.  Little did I know that by the end of the session I would end up being the most energized person in the group!  Dorci’s calming voice, along with the inspirational music, took me to a mental space I did not know I had.  

I am grateful to her for awakening energy I did not know I had.

Andrea blogger


Chakradance was a once in a lifetime experience.  At first I was nervous because I don’t know what to expect.  What I soon found out was that that was the beauty of it.  I felt vulnerable, I felt free to move and dance without judgment.  I was able to remove all that was on my mind.  I didn’t have a care in the world!  I rarely let myself go and I could do just that, open up and let go in a way I never had before.  The music, setting and instructor were amazing!  It is a moment I will never forget.  I often think back to that experience when I need to remind myself to let go and be free.  I love that Dorci included me in that special moment!

Brandie blogger

Mary Ann Testimonial


I had the good fortune to take a chakra dance class at the HWG annual conference.  I have taken many other classes of this nature, but this one was off the charts.  Dorci combines artistic expression, healing, dance, energy flow and fun!!!  She is very methodical in her approach, but the participants are able to get what THEY need from the class.  Her intelligent style, as well as her loving heart, draw you in and get you interested.  Her actual conducting of the class allows you to feel more free and easy to enjoy the experience to the fullest.  As a writer and recruiter that has experienced personal blocks to my own various projects, I truly believe Dorci offers something that is very unique and exciting.  I left the class wanting to be more involved with this class, and Dorci as well.  I highly recommend Dorci to anyone that wants to grow and develop to the fullest, and have lots of fun in the process.  A big thanks to Dorci for allowing me to be a part of your great group!  You ROCK!!!

Mary Ann F. blogger


As an event producer and attendee, I am always on the lookout for unique teachings, offerings, and opportunities to add that extra touch to an event. I was asked to Keynote the Houston Writers Guild yearly Indiepalooza event for independent writers, and was intrigued by one of the offerings - Chakradance with Dorci. Most conferences, workshops, and events are heavy on content and it was refreshing to see something new, fun, and good for us to get us up and moving. I have never done anything like this before and was excited to dance the chakras and walked away from this class revitalized and excited to learn more. I am realizing this is the missing piece for attendees and coordinators alike, to guarantee a longer lasting "event after-glow"! Content is king and Chakradance with Dorci is the cherry on top to long-term results beyond an event!

Patty blogger


I have been seeking a deeper level in my meditation practices and what a transformation experience I had during the Chakradance. It was not only a liberating experience but with the energy that I was bringing forth I received greater clarity on my world vision. I immediately felt a deeper sense of belonging and power than ever before. If you want to elevate your spiritual life, Chakradance should be at the top of your list of things to incorporate. Dorci is pure love and light!

Kristi H. blogger