December 23

Wellness Is More Than Health – It’s A Community! With Catherine Kontos


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Being diagnosed with cancer can feel like a death sentence. Many people, as well as their families, suffer and go into a downward spiral after hearing this news. However, despite having been through her own struggles with cancer and divorce, Catherine Kontos—a multi-passionate transformational coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and author—was able to rise up. She used adversity as a launchpad to not only succeed but also to find joy and fulfillment in life. Inspiring you to do the same, she joins Dorci Hill to share with us how she overcame those challenges in life. She shares her mindset of owning it and taking hold of power over her situation and reveals what happiness looks like for her. Join Catherine as she tells us more about her transformational journey, reminding us that wellness is more than just health; it is a community.

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Wellness Is More Than Health – It’s A Community! With Catherine Kontos

Wellness is more than health. It’s the community that you build, and that is what’s on the healthy, happy, fun menu for this episode because it’s time to get you tuned in, turned on, and tuned up with your dose of the healthy, happy fun hour with me. I’m your resident expert of play and the Founder of the Healthy, Happy, Fun Life Network and Academy where it’s my routine mission to turn your phone upside down and teach you how to create play, purpose, and pleasure into your daily routine so that you create that life that you want to wake up to every day that’s full of love and laughter. Joining me is none other than the beautiful, talented Catherine Kontos. I feel this feline energy and I love cats so I think I am going to go with Cat. That’s the energy we have. We have all this strong feminine energy. Ms. Cat is our multi-passionate transformational coach entrepreneur, speaker, and author and my favorite part of your bio. She is a cancer-loving, fun-loving, seize the moment, fly kind of girl. It’s no wonder that we’re friends.

Thank you for having me here.

I’m beyond tickled to have you here. Thank you for taking time out of your day, your week, your schedule to check out with me.

I love it. Why wouldn’t anybody want that look at you? You cheered me up tenfold.

One of the reasons I wanted to relaunch the show, which you’re in the first few episodes of my relaunch, you’re number three. That’s a divine number. I decided a while back, there’s nowhere near enough joy, happiness, and healthy fun in the world these days. The world needs more good news and good stories from good people like you. After Catherine and I have a conversation, I am going to share some of my favorite good news stories around the globe, my neighborhood, and in the US, not because it’s all about crazy pants 2020, any time the world needs some good news. Wouldn’t you agree, Cat?

Not only now, but always.

First things first, how are you doing now?

I’m doing fantastic as I’m sitting in front of you and having this great conversation. How could life not get better? I love being around high energy, fun-loving, and life-loving people. This is what it’s about. Why wouldn’t that make me happy? I’m excited about this.

Thank you. I am too. I’m excited to learn your story and have others learn your story because it is a beautiful story of using adversity as a launchpad. I love that there’s a lot of stuff and a lot of heavy things going on. I don’t know if you saw this image that was circling Facebook for a while. I even shared it and it had numbers. A lot of people assign meanings to numbers. Thirteen is the number a lot of people don’t like to have anything to do with, also 666. It had the number 13, the number 666, and the number 2020 on the bottom. It cracked me up because it said next to 13, “I’m the worst number,” then 666 said, “No, I’m the worst number,” and 2020 said, “Bitches, please.” I love listening to your story and reading about you. You’ve used adversity as this launchpad, this spring pad to not only succeed to joy and fulfillment in your life. Please explain how on earth did you do that?

I’ll have to go back to my story and say what happened to me. I started a dream business and it was very stressful. My life and marriage were stressed out. Everything was not where I wanted it to be. As I was trying to start this business, working at times 90 hours a week, I was tired. For seven days, I was always working from morning to night. I would leave work, come home and continue working.

No wonder you were exhausted.

I stopped eating because I was forgetting to eat.

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I can’t imagine where’s the time in the day if you’re working 90 hours a week to do anything other than work.

I didn’t know what was happening, but I started feeling ill. As fast as I launched it, I closed it and it was devastating. There was a reason why I was sick. I had stage three breast cancer. I found out soon after. That’s why I was also losing weight and not hungry all the time. I was saying, “It’s because I’m working hard. I’m stressed out and all these things are happening.” I forget to eat. I wasn’t even hungry. I get cancer and that devastating news. I had to figure out what to do with the business that I had invested much money in. On my laptop in bed, in between surgeries, I started a new business that ended up being an award-winning business a few years later. I hired staff, everything.

It is a business I knew nothing about. It was as big as an inn. It wasn’t in before I bought it. I was going to transform it into a luxury rehabilitation and I did, but then I closed it. I’m like, “What am I going to do with this thing?” That’s where I started my retreats and rentals for this big huge place. I knew I couldn’t physically be there in the next year. Soon after that, I got divorced while going through chemo. This doesn’t sound like a happy, healthy, and fun hour.

Let me address that here because we are not unrealistic when we talk about living a healthy, happy, or fun life. Life sometimes gives us potholes, valleys, and canyon. When people need to know that, you realize that there are times when we’re hit with a lot. The nice thing is to be able to know that you have a touchstone away to come out of that to an even better, more happy, peaceful place and not always stay at the bottom of that canyon, that it is possible. That’s why I love sharing these stories because you have used something that honestly would have derailed a lot of people for their entire life and you’ve used it to rise up and be even better and more powerful than you were before. Kudos to you.

Thank you. I welcome that derailment because it did happen to me. If it could have been different, great, but it wasn’t, it did happen to me. When I got out of it, especially while I was in it, it’s strange to say because when you’re going through all that, you’re not thinking peace. Obviously at one point, it was hell, but then it came to this awakening of acceptance. I was at the most peace I had ever been in my life because I accepted what was happening to me. I even accepted the scariest thing that I always feared in my life was death. I accepted all that and I took its power and all of that craziness. I took the power away from all of it.

I said, “I’m okay with everything in anything that’s happening. I know I will be okay.” It was my core and my belief. I knew I was going to be fine. I had to get over this huge bump in the road and recover, and then my life will be completely different. I’m telling you, I was reborn. It stripped me of everything I had, whether you want to call it beautiful because I had no more hair eyelashes. It is nothing as far as physical beauty and what we think is physical beauty. I had scars on my breast and my chest so that was all gone. I had financial distress because I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. My marriage was falling apart. There were all these things that were happening, the sickness and the treatments and everything that was happening, but I focused on what was important to me. That was getting my life together the way I wanted it. This was my second chance. I was going to build my life the way I exactly wanted it. I had my beautiful daughter at the time that was always giving me joy. I would close my eyes and think of her smile. I came to peace with the life that I had.

Here’s the thing too. My mother unfortunately passed away. I was only 21 years old in college. She was only 47 and she did pass away from a rare form of internal skin cancer. Unfortunately, not everyone wins their battle with that and the fact that you were in that, I love how you said you took its power. A lot of times you hear these miraculous stories of people going through something and it’s simply the mind alone that helps to shift the energy and allow their body to heal because they have taken away the power of this thing that’s in their life. The fact that you did that and were able to be peaceful, that gives hope to many people.

It’s huge. It’s not something you could train somebody to do. You could try coaching because I do. I coach people and everything, but it’s a dark place. If you are not willing and honestly, some people don’t want to live. That’s true.

You do that deep, “I want to get through this and I’m going to get through this.”

While I was at peace and everything, that’s where I started finding joy in everything. I would go outside and I could feel the wind on my face. I would look at a flower and look at the details of the flower, not just the petals. I would look at the lines in the petals, the different colors, the beauty of it. Everything was mindful. I was present and that’s what gave me the peace because the only thing I needed to focus on was me and my recovery. That’s what I did. It was a huge gift that time of stillness and watching everything and enjoying and appreciating with such gratitude. I would wake up as sick as I was. I was ill.

The first three months almost killed me because of complications. I would still find things to be grateful for. That’s what’s important. No matter what anybody is going through. I don’t care what you’re going through. There’s something to be grateful for. There’s always something shining behind the dark cloud. We only see the dark cloud, but it will move and you will see the light. You’ve got to wait it out and know that it’s there and grasp on anything and everything. They’ll help you get through that moment in time.

It is true. Time is going to pass. I love how you said, being present because all we have is now, yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is still over there. We have no clue what is going to happen, what will happen. It’s the wise ones that are able to sit and rest peacefully in the present and being grateful for the little bitty things. If you can be happy and grateful for the little things, no matter what comes your way, you’re able to surmount it much easier. The word is easy because if you can be easy in your mind and in your body, then it’s much easier for the cells to heal, for the treatment to take effect. When you get into this fight faith in your mind and your beliefs, then your body immediately goes into a fight mode as well, which is a lot of times detrimental.

HHF 4 | Community Wellness
Community Wellness: You’ll find yourself at most peace when you come into this awakening of acceptance, accepting whatever is happening to you.

I want to talk about fighting and fuel a little bit like fire. You talk about in some other conversations we’ve had that a fire was ignited within you. I’m assuming at the moment when you got the diagnosis and all these things were happening and with your business and then with the divorce, and you decided to live every second with gratitude. What I love about the sentence that you were talking about before is not only gratitude. It was coupled with a relentless fierceness to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. You said once that’s driven by purpose and not fear because you took the power away. That has to be the perfect way that everyone should look in life. I don’t know what else is, don’t you agree?

Yes. The key thing too is hope. When I saw the death of my life that I had, it gives me hope because I said, “That’s all over.” I could start and I looked at cancer and chemo as like, “The chemo is coming in and killing everything that was bad that was hurting me. I’m going to come out on you.” My hair was falling off. That’s how I looked at it. I said, “Bye cancer.” I shaved my head. I looked GI Jane in front of him. The undergarment that guys wear, that little tank top. I went in front of the mirror and I shaved my own hair off. I was looking at it fall.

That’s the cutest time. You were like, “Bye. I don’t need you. I’m going to have some new awesomeness coming in, get out.” I love that movie and that’s appropriate shaving it off. I’ve heard of other people staying that same thing. Whether it’s chemo or whatever traumatic event is happening, imagine it coming into your world. This out of balance of bad or whatever or distorted, it’s taking that. It’s floating away and leaving space for the new. It is the best way to live. That’s the best way to look at things.

That’s why I have joy, gratitude, hope, faith and all of that. That’s what pulled me through the darkest time in my life. I was 40 years old.

I want to recap your experience because that alone would be enough to derail people. It’s also mind-boggling how this was your most peaceful time because when you had, and correct me if I’m wrong, the cancer diagnosis, you lost your business. You also were getting a divorce while you were dealing with cancer. These are highly tumultuous, yet you say some of your most peaceful time. I’m like, “What?”

I had no choice. It was either that or destiny because I needed to make sure I felt that peace to recover. To me, it wasn’t about the medication. It was about my mind healing my body. My mind needed. It wasn’t an option. It needed to be peaceful. I made sure of that with everything around me, the people around me, what I was listening to, what I was doing, I had to make sure that that was going to happen in order for my body and my mind to give the message to my body to heal.

I’m glad you said that because we forget how extremely powerful our mind is. If you can think of it, you can see it in the physical or you can create it. I don’t know why we don’t realize or people don’t realize enough. For example, I was telling someone how to start working on their manifestation muscle. It’s like a muscle, everything else, you have to exercise it and do the right steps and you can start to manifest whatever you want in your life physically. I told her the first time, “Here’s the thing. Think of something you have zero attachment to.” She came up with purple ladybugs. I said, “Those are cool. I don’t know if they exist in reality.”

She did a couple of steps that I suggested the next day. Not even twelve hours later, she is messaging and telling me, “Do you know what showed up on my Facebook feed?” I thought, “I wonder if it was a purple ladybug.” Somebody shared an image and asked a question. It was purple ladybugs. They said, “I don’t know if these exist. They say they’re in.” I don’t know if it was somewhere in Asia. I forgot where they said, “Are these for real purple ladybugs?” I was like, “See if you can train your mind to think it. These thoughts are in your highest and greatest good, then your body immediately goes to work on grit, to rebalance, to find whatever that is in the physical. It can happen.”

It’s 100%. I’m proof of that.

I want you to tell me a little bit that you were talking about this beautiful luxury retreat center that you started and created. Was this created after you had the diagnosis or during? Was this for other cancer survivors? What retreats was this for?

I was renting out the place for retreats, gatherings, reunions, weddings. I hosted 150 people and did the whole event planning. When I was well enough and strong enough mentally, I wanted to start back into my counseling, coaching and all of that. It was about four years into it after my diagnosis. I said, “That was a big hit.” It took me four years to recover. I was running a business that I wasn’t supposed to be running. That wasn’t what I wanted to do. This is something that I had to do at the time, but I was great at it. I was four years into it, I said, “I need it because I remember when I was sick, I wanted to go to a retreat somewhere where I could be at peace with my mind, do maybe some meditation, some Reiki, some stuff work on me to help me be strong for what I was about to go through.”

There was nothing out there other than going somewhere to a resort that had a bunch of other people and far away from me. I was sick at the time. I always thought, “There’s got to be a place here that does that.” I decided to throw a contest. That contest was, there would be ten cancer survivors or fighters coming up with me to my place. They’d have their own suite. They’d have a chef. They’d have massages. They would do Reiki, Tai-Chi and yoga. There would be coaching throughout the weekend and lots of gifts. I threw out this contest and everybody went crazy. It was amazing because I was asking for people, nominate your cancer survivor. Number one, the gift is someone thought of you.

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Everybody started nominating people. I started calling the ten people that won. That was another beautiful experience because I was crying. We’re all crying and we’re happy. When the weekend came along, they had no idea what they were coming to. This was my first time. Some of them revealed to me, they’re like, “We don’t know this woman. Who is she? Why am I spending the weekend with her? How do we know she’s not going to kill us at the end of it?” At the end of the retreat that weekend, I turned around and I go, “The last thing is we’re going to take a nice walk in nature in the forest.” They’re all looking at each other and they’re like, “This is it.”

It ended up being something that I started doing. From there, I wrote my book. My purpose after everything happened to me. I wanted to make people find their way out of anything tragic. That’s going through their life, any crisis, whether it’s their marriage falling apart, their business, or any major crisis and especially cancer. This is what I did through the retreats. This is what I did through my book. That’s what I do through my speaking. I try to get that message out. My purpose is to get people to understand that no matter what you’re going through, no matter what you can get through it. I did. They did. You will too.

When you’re going through not only being a cancer patient or survivor, the family members too. It is a lot when you’re supporting someone. Not taking away from your fight and your battle. It’s a lot on a family dynamic. To be able to give someone something like that especially those that are fighting and coming out the other end is the best, sweetest thing ever. Thank you and I appreciate you. Are you still doing these retreats?

I was going to do one but COVID happened. I’m going to do something else. It’s not going to be a retreat. I’m hoping to do a nice giveaway in 2020.

Whatever you can do to help support. I’ve got a good friend of mine. She’s a couple of years younger. She went through breast cancer treatments. The wonderful thing about it is she’s on a downhill slide. She only has a couple more things to do between now and November 2020. She’s at that end and they can find zero spots of cancer. She has kicked, it’s funny and only had to do a little bit of a biopsy surgery. She didn’t have to go radical. Thank goodness. Any little thing that we can do to help our fellow sisters is amazing. What I want to talk about a little bit is what does happiness looks like in your life these days? I want to frame this question because many people think happiness has to be this grand, big party with all kinds of bells and whistles. You said it perfectly that not only peace but joy a lot of times is in the small things. Is happiness like these big things or is it little things? For you, what does happiness look like in spark in your life?

It’s about experiences. I’m always looking at different experiences that I live in. I’m grateful for everything I go through, but I love living life. I’m about being with friends and having laughter, seeing my mom smile. I throw her an 88 surprise COVID party outside of her house in front of this big boulevard and just seeing her so happy. I love doing things for people. That’s what makes me happy. I don’t even call it paying it forward. It’s being who I am. I love making people happy. That gives me the biggest joy and spending quality time with my friends, family, my daughter and getting them to feel that experience too. When we go into a bigger scale of things, it’s doing stuff that’s maybe out of my comfort zone. I like challenging myself whether it’s the stuff that I’ve done in the past few years like going to Costa Rica and flying through the skies, flying zip line.

That is the best thing ever.

Ziplining for 2,000 miles in the air in 100 miles an hour down this zip line and seeing every luxury of, and the green and all. It is like I’m flying like a bird. These are the experiences that you’ll never forget and I did it with my daughter. It was beautiful. I try to do things that are a little different. Those are the bigger things, but in my every day, it’s like cooking a good meal and enjoying the flavors of it and laughing with my daughter and talking about her day and being silly. I’m extremely silly. I believe you have to laugh every day. Even on your worst day, there’s something to laugh about. Laughing it up with whatever and being a child, everybody forgot to play.

I talk about that a lot because as we get older as an adult, we’re doing things and we forget that inner child. That’s why as we get older, we get enjoyment from watching animals play, dogs and cats when they’re puppies, how they rumble and tussle with each other. We laugh watching little goats bounce and jump around. You watch kids on a playground. They’re squealing and laughing because they are letting go of being present in the moment. It’s like because you’re an adult, it doesn’t mean there’s no handbook somewhere that said, “You are now a certain age and you cannot laugh. You cannot have fun. You cannot enjoy. You cannot create.” Where is that book? What part of your library?

I’m in the playground with them.

I’m trying to go down this slide. Although sometimes I am a little bigger for some of those slides.

It still scares the heck out of me. If you put me up there and you’re holding me up, I’m like, “Put me down.”

HHF 4 | Community Wellness
Community Wellness: No matter what anybody is going through. There’s something to be grateful for. There’s always something shining behind the dark cloud.

I love those seesaws. Whatever we have to get together. We’re going to go to the park. We’re going to get on a seesaw. We’re going to get on some of those spinning go round things off. I used to hang on to those and kick one leg out and twirl around real fast. You don’t think, at least in my mind, why I think that we love those is because you’re free. You feel weightless. You don’t have all of the stuff piled on you. You feel free. When you’re talking about in the zip line, I’ve done zip lining and you feel like you’re floating. You have no care, no weight in the world. All that is gone. You’re in the moment in that sense.

It’s about being mindful again. That’s why I like stuff like that. That’s why I love dancing. People don’t dance enough. The music is playing in my house all the time. I’m dancing all the time. There’s music from the ‘80s and ‘90s because that brings me back to my day and I love it. My daughter loves music too. We danced together. I’ll grab her and she’s walking by and we’re dancing. These are the things that we do. This is how I keep my days in a happy place. It’s all about becoming mindful. People don’t realize it’s a form of meditation. Dancing is a form of meditation. Being in a park is a form of meditation because you’re concentrating. Let’s say you’re on a swing. You’re concentrating on that swing, going higher and higher. Gardening is a form of meditation.

That’s the thing about people thinking to calm the mind or get yourself into a state of being present. You don’t have to sit in a yoga position with your arms out in a sense, and calm all day. That’s meditation.

Do what you love to do. You know what you’re doing what you love to do because time flies. You don’t even realize how fast time passes. You realize if you’ll look at it and you’ll be like, I don’t feel as stressed. I’m happier. Where did the time go? That’s meditation.

You got out of your way. You let go. Most of the time, for me, when I get stressed in an energy spin that keeps me stuck, frustrated, angry and all the things, physically, I get up from my space, leave that room, go somewhere and dance a little bit. I’m a dancer as well. Go outside and piddle around with my flowers or pull weeds or these little things that get me out of that energy that’s not serving me. I realized, “The problem that I thought was a problem and I couldn’t find the solution, I found it when I pulled the weed.” I have done that before, yanked out weeds and went, “If I do this and there you go.” There was a solution. It was there the whole time.

You were too close to it to see it. When you’re close to something, you can’t see well. It’s cloudy so you need to walk away and that’s when your clarity will come.

We talked about happiness for you like a lot of the little things and being present and enjoying the heck out of every moment. What is one fun fact that you don’t mind sharing about you that people may not realize by looking at you?

I can imitate a lot of different voices. This is where my silly side comes out.

Is that something that you practiced? There are a lot of people that do different voices and it’s such a talent. You’re like, “How did you do that?”

I don’t know how that appeared. I started imitating accents and then it went to imitating cartoons. Do you remember Chip and Dale, not the strippers?

I do remember the cartoon. They had a certain song. I would start seeing it out of nowhere with their voice. It is fine knowing that you can do that anyway. I want to say thank you for taking the time out of your super busy schedule to be here and chat with me. It was my pleasure having you. I hope you had a little bit of fun with me. I’m going to wrap up our conversation with something fun that I like to call Dollops of Dorci. It’s a little quote, a funny saying, something that encapsulates our conversation in honor of you.

I called it being present. We’ve got to get serious on this part, “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.” It is a Cherokee proverb. Isn’t that wonderful? I thought that was a great way to end up our conversation because we talk about and you are such an advocate for living in the present, enjoying the present moment because that’s all you have. If you go back to thinking about yesterday, get in that wheel, that spin and the frustration, tomorrow is over there. It’s not here yet, be here. That’s a great way to sum up you and your beautiful work and our fun conversation. Thank you.

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It was a blast. Thank you for having me.

I am happy to have you here. We’re going to say goodbye for a little while to Cat and hello to some more good new stories because it is time for me to say that I’m feeling some way and feeling like I need some good new stories to make my day.

How can you not have the biggest smile on your face after knowing that? It’s the cutest thing ever. Talking about good news, I have a wonderful good news story for you. This is a story about Chris Nikic. He became the first person with Down syndrome to complete an Ironman Triathlon. This 21-year-old lives in Maitland, Florida. He has been overcoming obstacles his entire life. He had open-heart surgery at five months old. He wasn’t able to walk until he was four or even eat solid foods until he was five. At the age of seventeen, he had four major ear operations. As a young adult, he still struggles with balance, slow reaction time and low muscle tone. Don’t tell Chris he can’t do something because his response is, “Watch me and I’m going to prove you wrong.”

In 2019, he started training for the Special Olympics Triathlon and he built up enough skill and endurance to do a 1,000-meter open water lake swim. The thought of that makes me exhausted. I don’t know about you, but the thought of that alone makes me like, “My arms are already tired.” His father said, “It was something we never imagined was even possible, but Chris wanted to be a world champion.” After learning that no one with down syndrome had ever completed an Ironman. Nick suggested to Chris that this was his opportunity. In May 2020, after months and months of training, Chris became the first person with Down syndrome to finish a Half Ironman. That’s impressive on its own. However, Chris wasn’t done. On November 7th, 2020, Chris finished a full Ironman. If you don’t know what that is, that includes a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile run.

The Ironman organization was thrilled to death and on their Instagram they wrote, “Congratulations, Chris, on becoming the first person with Down syndrome to finish an Ironman. You have shattered barriers while proving without a doubt that anything is possible.” Chris has triumphed so far, his coach and Special Olympics partner said, “Our thanks to a simple yet powerful philosophy. Get 1% better every day.” He says, “It’s easy to be successful because I only need to get 1% better each day.” His 1% philosophy has proven effective in that he now gives motivational speeches on this topic. In his future, he plans to continue to challenge himself with even bigger goals.

He says, “It’s time to set a new and bigger goal for 2021.” He wrote that on his Instagram after finishing the first Ironman. “Whatever it is, the strategy is the same, 1% better every day. Yes, I did the work, but I had angels helping me. God surrounded me with angels. The best part of all new family and friends. It is all about awareness and inclusion awareness for Down syndrome and Special Olympics inclusion for all of us, with all of you.” I don’t know about you, if that did not inspire you and make you feel good, that I frankly don’t know what else to tell you to make you feel good and warm and fuzzy that there are some amazing people in this world still to this day, doing the unthinkable and what you might’ve thought was impossible. I subscribe, believe and love his philosophy 1% better. You don’t have to be 100% better now or tomorrow or the next day because it’s the simple steps. You guys know me to talk about it all the time.

Simple steps, micro habits are the things to making your grand new future happen. It’s not some big, huge step that you take. It’s being a little bit better tomorrow. A little bit better the day after. Think 1%, what can I do 1% better tomorrow than I did now? That leads me to my final thoughts for this episode. My final thoughts are about how to make space by letting go. It’s a perfect time. We’re into the holidays in 2020. There’s been a lot of stuff. How do you let go and let it be so that you can have exactly what you want? I was talking with my guest and she has been through quite a bit. She is a cancer survivor. All of the things, I love Catherine tremendously. For everything that she’s been through and has overcome and is doing, she is another inspirational human doing some amazing things. It should show you that between her and then Chris, our good news story, you can overcome everything with the right mindset and then make space to let it go and let it be what is and you will have everything that you’ve ever desired.

I know you’re like, “Dorci, that sounds all well and good. How do I do that?” First, you’ve got to think about what are some things that you cling to. Think of the word impossible within that word. I know you’ve heard it sometimes, but you need to hear it again from someone else to hear it newly. Within the word impossible is I’m possible. You’re not aware of all of your possibilities. You might be in fear of change because you’re living your status quo. Your comfort zone is comfortable and you’re not sure what’s on the other side of that. It’s the fear of change is the fear of something different. You are afraid of friendships drifting apart. Sometimes, there’s a season to everything. We’re coming into a winter season here in the States and things change. There are seasons of life. There’s seasons of our produce, fruits and vegetables, the way you should eat, and there are seasons of relationships. Maybe it’s meant to be, maybe it’s meant to go.

Comfort is another one. We are comfortable where we are because where you are is what you’ve done. You know it and the mind knows it. It knows how to do you now. It doesn’t know how to do you in a new possibility tomorrow. That’s fearful for a lot of us. To keep a more innocent or a connected time alive is a reason why you’re not letting something go. Those nostalgic moments and memories are great. They make up who you are. They shouldn’t define your future going forward, nor should they hold you back. They shouldn’t go with you and make you even happier about what new memories and nostalgic moments you’ll create going forward. Sometimes we’re complacent because it goes right along with being comfortable. Things are the way they are and you don’t want to shake up that status quo. You don’t let go of what you have to grab on to the better that I promise is waiting for you. Along with the nostalgia, there are a lot of people as you get older that grieve our childhoods. Maybe it was much better than where you are at the moment.

There are little things that happen. Maybe you’ve lost family members and coming up to the holidays was such a family love-driven time. The memories are palpable that it’s hard to let that go yet. It is in your past. It doesn’t need to define you going forward and you can still carry it with you as you create something new. If you’re willing to let the stranglehold you have on it go and release to create and to be with the new. There are a lot of people in transition, moving from one place to the other, moving in with someone, moving out, all sorts of transitions are going on. The sense of home for a lot of people, you’ve created a life where you’ve gotten married, you had babies, those babies grew up, or you have furbabies and you did foster them. Whatever it is in that home.

Remember home is you and your family. It goes with you wherever you go. It’s not a structure that is something with four walls, a roof, some bricks and wood, some tile. It’s materials. Your home is you and what you have inside that can never be taken away. In order to truly let go and let things be, you’ve got to be honest with yourself and be in a place where you get to where you’re sick and tired of the same old stuff. I talk about that on the health side of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. That’s when you’re ready to make that change and that shift because that’s what I did. Over eighteen and some odd years ago, I got off all the medications. I haven’t had any prescriptions over the counter, none of that kind of stuff. I’m completely natural holistic. You can do it. You have to make that shift. I was ready because I was simply sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You have to get to that point where you’re ready to release whatever it is that’s holding you back or keeping you in your own status quo, in your own comfort zone, because you realize something bigger, greater and better is out there. You’re done with where you are. You’re like, “I’ve been there, done it. I’m ready for something new.” That’s the joy and the fun of life. Don’t let it pass you by. Like everything, habits, addictions, whatever the case is, you’re never ever going to let it go people for someone other than yourself until you are ready to do so.

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Community Wellness: You have to laugh every day. Even on your worst day, there’s something to laugh about.

I invite you to be open to the opportunity of letting go and bringing in some new amazing things as we go into the holiday season here for 2020 and then beyond. You might be reading this and it’s already 2021, by the time that you find this, welcome you into 2021. If it’s later, thank you for being here. I hope you’ve made some fantastic changes in your life. What is a simple way? You guys know I’m all about simple steps in micro habits because if it’s easy and we can do it with some fun and play, you’re going to do it. You’re going to implement it. It’s going to become your new normal and your new habit that you will not change because it’s a non-negotiable. How are we going to do this?

How we best love all of these different things that have happened to us that we have in our lives is to let them go to free space. Let them go to free space so that we open and create new space. A simple process to release this, whatever, or whomever, must be let go. There are five and the great thing about that is I’m all about numbers. Five in numerology is the number of transformation. The first thing you could do, I love to write things down because it involves multiple learning pathways besides thinking or speaking. I invite you to get out a piece of paper, write down the person, the situation, the thoughts, whatever is holding you back. Write down the name or situation, whatever it is. On a piece of paper, say it and then do these five things, “Thank you because no matter what it is in your life if it’s something that’s not great, you can’t blame that or that person for all the bad in your life. You also have to blame them for the good because if they’re in a bad situation, it’s a bad job, whatever it is, it’s also made you aware of what’s better.”

I love Tony Robbins saying that if you blame this whatever situation for the bad, you also have to blame it for all the good that you have and it’s coming. Say thank you and then tell it, “I love you. Please forgive me,” because remember, you have to ask forgiveness for yourself no matter what it is. Whether it is a person, a thing, a thought, a belief, you need to ask forgiveness for yourself so that you can release it and then say, “I forgive you.”

Even if it’s a thing, even if it’s thought because those thoughts become things, thoughts become things physically, “Thank you. I love you. Please forgive me. I forgive you.” The last and final piece is goodbye. I always love to say, “And so it is,” because that is transformative and it is. Doing these things allows you to honor the amazing memories that you’ve had, maybe the not so great things that have happened because they brought you to where you are now. You are an amazing person, an amazing soul, and amazing light in this world. This will ease the process of letting something go because we need to love where we have been and what we’ve learned from our previous experiences in order to love what’s coming. You can’t hate what’s happened to you in the past and love what’s coming.

You have to love it then release it, clear it out because you’ve got to get it out of the way, out of your thoughts, mind, belief, spirit, physical body to bring in on all those levels, the goodness, greatness you are divinely deserving of. When you do that and you give yourself grace for any imperfection that you may perceive that you have, which I’m telling you, you are made in a divine image, you are perfect as you are. I’m holding the space for you to believe that until you believe it yourself, and then you allow yourself to move forward. If that doesn’t make you feel good, I got chills. I feel fantastic after that. I’m ready to release and open space for new to leave the past in the past, take all of those good, yummy memories.

If they’re not yummy, make them yummy, bring them into the future that I’m creating which is fantabulous. I can’t wait to hear what you are creating because I love to hear from you. Do me a favor. If you haven’t done it already, get out your phone and text the word Show to (979) 721-5724. You can also find that on my social media here, there, and everywhere. That way we can stay in touch. I promise that’s my number. It’s not some crazy bot. It will go straight to me. That way you can tell me what you’re creating newly. I can celebrate with you and we can ring in the holidays and whatever year you were in when you list it, that year and all the great yummy fantabulousness that you have created for yourselves.

I’m reading for you. I’m here in your corner, holding space that you come to this show and this place ready to be completely healthy, happy, and the most fun person you can ever imagine. That is it for this episode. As always, for each and every one of you, my wish until we come together again is that you are happy. You are healthy and you have the most fabulously fun life ever. My biggest love and hugs to each and every one of you. Bye for now.

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